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Emotional intelligence is an important part of leadership and holds the accountability to successfully manage and influence people working in the Company. This report will be discussing a detailed elaboration on developing emotional intelligence skills for the workplace. The organization to complete the entire work is Vodafone (MacCann et al., 2020). The entire report will be including a detailed elaboration of various models of emotional intelligence and how models could be successfully applied by the industries or the chosen organization in their workplace. There will be also a discussion about the relationship between effective management, emotional intelligence and business advantage. The report further states a critical evolution of the different models identified and how they are appropriate in meeting the development needs of the individuals. The last section of the report includes a recommendation section which identifies the plan for the systems and processes that May enable connectedness and collaboration. The report will identify that during a post-COVID-19 the climate of workplaces has changed and identifies how the people and the employees in the company are training their staff members to work smartly with the help of emotional Intelligence.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Organization introduction
  • Key models of emotional intelligence
  • Application of models on company
  • Importance of developing emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Relationship between emotional intelligence, effective management communication and business advantage.
  • Critical evaluation
  • Appropriate in meeting the development needs of the individual.
  • Recommendations
  • Plan for the systems and processes that may enable better collaboration and connectedness
  • Conclusion
  • References

Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills for the Workplace

Report - "Why building an emotionally intelligent workforce should be a business priority in the post-COVID work climate and how employers can train and develop their existing staff to make them emotionally intelligent workforce?"

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Question: Briefly Introduce the organisation you have chosen to write about

Organization introduction

Vodafone is the chosen organization to complete this project for developing emotional intelligence skills for the work, please. The organization works in the telecommunication industry and has been officially founded in the year 1991. The company is officially headquartered in England United Kingdom and has been serving its services worldwide. the company operating revenue by the year 2021 was identified to be Pounds 43.809 billion The organization is a British multinational communication company which is officially registered and provides its services around the globe (Vodafone, 2022). The company has partnered with 48 countries and is looking for further expansion and collaboration with different countries.

Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in Vodafone as the company serving the telecommunication industry holds the responsibility to provide its customers with digital experiences better faster and in which requirements of customers are not compromised. Vodafone is focusing on its emotional intelligence practices so that the demands of its customers are accomplished. The company has introduced Tobi, a chatbot which works with the network of mobile and has been currently launched by Vodafone in overall 11 countries. It helps in providing head support to the customers in a very frequent way so that customers do not have trouble while using the Vodafone services (Smith, 2019).

Question: Briefly introduce the key models of emotional intelligence that you will underpin in your report

Key models of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a procedure of making work easier and decreasing the stress of individuals in the workplace. This results in decreasing the conflicts and decreasing the challenges that might be faced by individuals while communicating and performing their tasks in the organization (Rezvani and Khosravi, 2019). there is certain kind of models which are used for the identification of emotional intelligence and which help in identifying and evaluating how to apply emotional intelligence successfully into the business.
There are three models of emotional intelligence which could be identified these are named the mixed model, the trait model and the ability model. Each model comprises accomplishing how emotional intelligence could be used and help an individual business run it effectively in the market and gain a successful competitive advantage (Hughesand Evans, 2018).

The ability model:The model helps in understanding the critical identification of the term emotional intelligence and helps in understanding the Competencies and its process. The model provides clarification about understanding how to manage emotional intelligence in an organization when applied and included in the working pattern(Rezvani and Khosravi, 2019). It clarifies a clear understanding about what is emotional intelligence and what is required to be done when involved in the company also it helps in understanding the emotions of individuals who are using emotional intelligence for their work.

The trait model: The model comprises an understanding of the correlation between emotional intelligence with the abilities of individuals. The model focuses on understanding how people are connected with their self-perceptions and their beliefs which highlights how they're emotionally connected with their emotional intelligence or their personality which leaves an impact on their performance(Hughes and Evans, 2018). These identities of perceptions could be identified by measuring one individual's methods such as acknowledging self-esteem or assertiveness.

The mixed model:The mixed model is the combination of different qualities which are involved in emotional intelligence. These qualities include such as being able to read the expressions and having the ability to increase motivation among others(Rezvani and Khosravi, 2019). A rate of optimism could be included and the skills which are related to the involvement of successful intelligence such as being empathetic could be initiated.

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Question: Answer the question by applying the key models of emotional intelligence to your chosen organisation, i.e. Explain the importance of developing emotional intelligence in the workplace and the relationship between emotional intelligence, effective management communication and business advantage

Application of models on the company

The trait model helps in accommodating the successful involvement of emotional intelligence in the workplace as it helps in understanding the characteristics of people walking and also of the leaders. This model of trait functions in Vodafone by understanding the leader's characteristics and holiday take the success or the failure in the involvement of emotional intelligence (Moron and Biolik-Moron, 2021). Vodafone uses this model to understand the attributes related to the individuals working in the company and to identify a wide range of contexts which could demonstrate an understanding and relevance towards these specific factors of emotional intelligence.

With the effect of post-COVID-19, it was identified that Vodafone faced a 5.4% fall in its revenue in the first quarter the national lockdown was initiated directly affected the telecommunication and business industries. Vodafone focused on switching its emotional intelligence model while in the aspect of COVID-19 (Caselli et al, 2022). With the involvement of the ability model in the business Vodafone good successfully understand the emotions of the people working in the company and manage and provide facilities as per their abilities to make the business run consistently and sustain in the pandemic situation.

Importance of developing emotional intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence is important in the workplace as it helps in managing and understanding the emotions of the people effectively working in the company. It helps in identifying the benefits which could be given to the individual so that their career could be taken to a positive channel and environment in the working place could you build up Which is more positive (Kotsou et al., 2019). Emotional intelligence does not only promote connectivity between business and customers but also involves understanding the people working on the staff of the company and how they correlate happening in the organization.

Emotional intelligence has various aspects which identify why it is important and why it enhances the relationship between individuals while working in the office, please. Emotional intelligence brings and enhances self-regulation and awareness among people by helping them perceive and understand emotions and supporting the managers or clients or coworkers in the workplace (Wahyudi, 2018). It also enhances self-regulation practices which focus on making your emotions get in control so that a positive output of it could be identified. Vodafone uses emotional intelligence in its working practices so that they could understand the real requirements of this staff and how they are being treated by the organization. The company focuses on initiating motivation as a tool of emotional intelligence for the people in the company.

Vodafone has people who Manage all the regulations in the company and identify some people who have been working to complete the objectives of the organization and provide them with the intrinsic motivation which will help in accomplishing the needs and goals of employees in the firm(Kotsou et al., 2019). Vodafone makes sure that emotional intelligence fixes all the situations which are problematic in the company so that coworkers do not get demotivated and Do not take a wrong decision in the situation of empathy(Wahyudi, 2018).

Relationship between emotional intelligence, effective management communication and business advantage.

There is a strong relationship between emotional intelligence, effective management communication and business advantage as it helps in understanding the way people in the industry feel and how an organization can take a step to help them and promote their pattern to get successful results and objectives for the company (Giao et al., 2020).

Vodafone ensures that emotional intelligence is encouraged in the organization as it helps in making communication clearer and more precise. It also enhances the confidence spirit among the people working in the company by regaining their trust and pushing their limits to give out their best and think that they are working for the organization itself (Sahay and Kaur, 2022). Emotional intelligence is used by the organization of Vodafone because it gives a business advantage and helps in effective management because it highlights people walking in this stuff and in the way they think. When understanding that pattern of working and how they feel an organization good meet the employees feel valued and their importance could be enhanced.

Emotional intelligence provides a clear path to understanding the empathy between the teams and employees and provides them with the proper conditions and domains so that communication between the different channels could be performed successfully(Giao et al., 2020). Vodafone capitalize on emotional intelligence it makes sure that the people working under them have their complete faith and trust in them so that its expectations could be successfully met an effect does this are accomplished. Emotional intelligence plays a direct role in the business advantage as it makes people work harder and creatively to deliver the best results as per the company objectives and also enhances the working atmosphere positively so those good surroundings are promoted. Vodafone is now in search of new people who are looking for individuals who have soft skills and also those who value their staff and have good knowledge about smart technology and artificial intelligence(Sahay and Kaur, 2022).

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Question: Critically evaluate ‘models of emotional intelligence' you have applied to your chosen organisation and explain the extent to which you think they are appropriate in meeting the development needs of the individual. 

Critical evaluation

The chosen emotional intelligence model has been chosen and identified above as the ability model. This model has been initiated as it helps Vodafone to initiate all the recent technologies in the business and accomplish that all the communications are being processed with the help of new practices (Caron, 2020). The model helps in assessing the Vodafone employee's emotions and integrates their personal growth as well as professional growth by identifying and regulating their strengths and how they correlate with their emotions.

There is a certain set of advantages of the ability model to Vodafone as it helps in promoting the positive behaviour of people working and also removing all the negative emotions so That functionality of business gets performed smoothly. The model not only helps Vodafone to identify the emotions of people working but also assesses that its impact on the environment is positive (Jaseel, 2019). It helps in accessing and navigating that all the information generates makes sense and helps in identifying the steps taken for a sustainable environment and promotes stronger emotional intelligence. The term simply helps in understanding how people can be directed and identified as per their emotions and traits or behaviour while working in a company. Vodafone uses this model as it is beneficial for the organization and gives more advantages rather than disadvantages to the organisation and improves in managing their people and building a sense of motivation among them(Caron, 2020). There is also the set of disadvantages of the model which identifies how it can demoralize some employees and their performances which could leave a direct impact on Vodafone. The company as per the report identified that some of the employees feel stressed while working in the company atmosphere and the work pressure is too high that it gets tough for the individuals to maintain their personal and professional management. To maintain this Vodafone initiates, the model so that the individuals who have stress could be managed successfully and so that they do not face any issues in work management. Although there are possibilities that with the help of this model emotions could be identified it might give a negative impact on the employee's audit colleague employees which results in increased competition and decreased spirit of working among employees in the organization(Jaseel, 2019).

Uses emotional intelligence to make sure the workforce in the organization stays strong and could be aware of the new technology so that if the pandemic situation barges in again the company is ready to fight it and can sustain it effectively and positively(Caron, 2020). If Vodafone ensures that emotional intelligence is recorded successfully in the organization and all the employees working in the company tend to develop themselves as the technologies expand they could focus on key strategies to sustain in the market and stay competitive which would lead to the higher target audience and greater market strength to the company. Emotional intelligence helps the people walking in the company get trained by their employers and fit into the climate of the workplace so that they could give their best they could successfully perform their best and give their hundred per cent to accomplish the firm's objectives and achieves its aim(Jaseel, 2019).

Appropriate in meeting the development needs of the individual.

The model chosen for emotional intelligence is correct and appropriate for Vodafone as per identified above. The model helps in accomplishing the needs of individuals and meeting the development aspects of the business (Johnson, 2022). Vodafone insurance that all the perceptions of the individuals regarding their body language or facial expressions are recorded so that basic requirements of emotional intelligence are accomplished. This is the process of the ability model which helps in understanding difficult people and promoting the sense of communication and feelings between the people so that a proper record of business is accomplished and difficulties are resolved.

As for the record identified on Vodafone, it has been assessed that some of the employees of the organization feel that they have been stressed about the situations and they're also neglected which makes them demotivated to perform their best in the organization (Seitan, 2018). The model also helps in understanding the emotions and the personal ability to deal with these emotions so that the desired outcomes of the organizations could be accomplished. This helps the company to identify what are the possible steps that could be initiated by the company to assess the emotions and provide practical solutions to deal with those emotions.

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Question: Provide recommendations (based on your answer and critique) with a plan for the systems and processes that may enable better collaboration and connectedness between people and implement company values to high EQ behaviours among existing staff during and post COVID-19 pandemic.


There is a certain set of recommendations which could be initiated by Vodafone to record that the practices of emotional intelligence and theirchosen model gets function properly. This will help in identifying that proper emotions and well-being of employees are recorded and could be managed effectively (Preston, 2021). To build stronger EQ the company must start focusing towards emotional intelligence practices and focus towards evaluating their ability so that the people who face issues and stress-related problems could be resolved. Some other recommendations could be initiated by Vodafone to make their emotional intelligence practice better.
• The company should focus on providing empathy for others and understanding their emotional needs. They should understand what is important to them and how much they can deal with it the company should not put overburden on the employees knowing that they have the capacity but ignoring their well-being (Chick, 2018).
• Vodafone is recommended to ensure that the empathy of the people working in the organization is maintained by including more programs such as social interaction so that people and employees in the company start regaining their emotional spirit and get motivated to perform at their best.
• Vodafone can improve how its people feel by understanding their point of view and how they see communication and working patterns. It is also important to appreciate individuals so that they could prioritize their work and give their best performance to make the objectives accomplished of the company(Preston, 2021).

Plan for the systems and processes that may enable better collaboration and connectedness

These suggested recommendations would help Vodafone to accomplish and involve proper planning in their systems and processes which will help the company to have better connectedness and collaboration between employees and managers of the organization. This will result in decreased emotional stress on the employees and enhance a step towards stronger relationships (Chick, 2018). The company should also initiate different activities which will focus on understanding what the people working in the company are willing for and whether are they satisfied. Vodafone with the help of being open-minded can approach people with the perspectives they look for and what the Company demands. Making sure of the idea and helping them to accomplish and into day-to-day lives could help in managing emotional intelligence and its model successfully in the company(Preston, 2021).

This report focuses on understanding a detailed elaboration of developing emotional intelligence skills for the workplace with the help of choosing an organization such as Vodafone. I detailed description of the chosen company and its basic details have been involved in the first section of the report Followed by an introduction. Further, the report includes various kinds of identification of the emotional intelligence model and how these models are applied to Vodafone. The importance of developing emotional intelligence in the workplace of Vodafone has been initiated with further understanding of the relationship between emotional intelligence, effective management communication and Business Advantage. Thereafter a critical evolution in understanding the application of this model and how it meets the development needs of individuals has been recognized in the report. The last section of the report includes the recommendation part which suggests what could be best done by Vodafone to improve its performance and a proper connection has been built to understand the connectivity of collaboration with emotional intelligence.


  • Q: What exactly is emotional intelligence (EI), and why is it relevant now more than ever?
  • Q: What are the specific business benefits of a workforce with high EI?
  • Q: Can emotional intelligence actually be taught, or are some people just naturally better at it?
  • Q: Are there specific challenges to developing EI in the post-COVID work environment?
  • Q: What are some tips for employers looking to launch an emotional intelligence initiative?
  • Q: How does emotional intelligence directly influence effective management communication?
  • Q: What are the specific business advantages linked to a workforce with high emotional intelligence?
  • Q: Are there misconceptions about emotional intelligence that should be addressed?
  • Q: How can we link company values directly to high EQ behaviors?
  • Q: Outlined a plan for implementing these recommendations. What are the key steps and considerations?

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