Unit 8 Research Project - level 5

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Diploma In Business - Unit 8 Research Project - level 5

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research

1.1 Topic of the Research

1.2 Research Aim

1.3 Research Objectives

1.4 Rationale of the Study

1.5 Introduction to the Research Topic

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Identify the various personality traits exhibited by employees in a group

2.3 Identify the negative effects of personality traits on group performance in an organization

2.4 Identify ways of improving group performance in an organization

2.5 Summary of the Literature

Chapter 3: The methodology for the Research

3.1 Research Questions

3.2 Research Approach and Data Collection Methods

3.3 Sample, sampling methods and sample size

3.4 Methods of data analysis

3.5 Research plan

3.6 Questionnaire for Data Collection

3.7 Code of Ethics

Chapter 4: Presenting the Results

4.1 Results from the Secondary Research

4.2 Results from the Primary Research

Chapter 5: Interpretation and analyses the results in terms of the original research specification

Chapter 6: Conclusion and recommendations

6.1 Limitations and Future Scope of the Study and the Learning Experience

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