Specific Needs in Health and Social Care - Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care

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Program: Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit Name: Unit 2 Principles of Health Social Care Practice

Level: Level 5

Task 1
1.1 Make an analysis of the ways in which the concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviour might be perceived by the following users of health and social care services:
1.2 From the point of view of a care worker, make an assessment of the ways in which perceptions of the specific needs of the groups listed below have changed over time. You must give examples to illustrate the changes that have taken place.
1.3 As a care worker in a small group home for individuals with a variety of psychiatric illness analyse the impact of Community Care Act, social policy, society and culture on the ways that services are made available for this vulnerable group. You must give examples specific to the setting specified and make reference to other specific legislation, as well as specified social; policies and socio-cultural/developments.

Task 2
2.1 As a care worker in a residential home for young people with moderate level of learning disability, analyse, with your reasons, their physical, social and emotional care needs.
2.2 Explain how a combination of statutory systems, voluntary systems, self-help and formal + informal care can be used to support the specific needs of:
2.3 This task asks you to carry out some research in the town or the borough where you live. Find out what services are available in that town or borough for the two groups listed below and evaluate them in relation to how easy they would be to access in relation to availability/ physical location/ cost.

Task 3
3.1 Explain, giving practical examples to support your points, how the approaches and interventions listed below might be used to support individuals with learning disability.
3.2 As a care worker in a residential care home, evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention strategies listed in 3a above for a child with learning disability. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the strategies listed and give examples to show how each might work in practise.
3.3 Using your own work experience and/or independent research as a base, discuss, with examples, the potential impact of recent changes and legislation and social policy on the way that support is made available for individuals with specific needs.

Task 4
4.1 From the point of view of local authority, social worker explains how challenging behaviour might differ between the three groups listed below:
4.2 Giving examples from specific health and social care situations describes how legal framework/ professional standards/ policies and procedures have an impact on the way that health and social care organisations are able to work with service users who exhibit challenging behaviour.
4.3 From your work-based experience and/or work done in class, make an analysis of the strategies listed below as methods used or working with challenging behaviour. Consider the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of each of the strategies listed.

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