Unit 32 Business Strategy

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Unit 32 Business Strategy

Task 1:

1.1 In your report, briefly define the following terms; visions, missions, objectives, goals, core competencies. Assess how these notions inform strategic planning for a business

1.2 Analyse factors that Tata Steel UK and yourself, as the strategic manager would need to consider planning and formulating strategic plans. In this part of your report, consider some of the key issues and problems there are with respect to strategic planning. Include at least three factors associated with Strategic Planning.

1.3 Define and evaluate the appropriateness of the effectiveness of any two strategic planning techniques used in strategic planning

3.2 In your proposal, inform the board of your selection in 2.4 and provide justification for this selection

3.1 Suggest two alternatives strategies and analyse the appropriateness of these strategies. In this section of your proposal, analyses two of the following; market entry, organic growth, growth by merger, acquisition, strategic alliances, substantive growth, limited growth and retrenchment strategies.

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