Unit 4 Research Project - level 4 in business

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Unit 4 Research Project - level 4 in business

Task 1: LO1 how to formulate a research specification

LO1.1 Research Formulation:

LO1.2 Students identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection

LO1.3 3 Undertake a critical review of key references

LO1.4 Produce a research project specifications

Task 2: LO2 To understand how to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification

LO2.1 Students need to match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis

LO2.2 To undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

LO2.3 To record and collate relevant data where appropriate

Task 3: LO3 Be able to evaluate research outcomes

LO3.1 Students need to interpret and analyse the results in terms of the original research specification

LO3.2 Students need to make recommendations in their research and link to research findings and justify areas for further consideration

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