Effectiveness of development plan

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Help - Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development - Level 5 HND in Business
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Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development

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Task 1

Question 1 Comparison of personal values and principles with health and social care principles

Question 2 Own experience of working at health care

Question 3 Changes of values and process to overcome the conflicts

Task 2

Question 1 Current skills, ability and learning styles

Question 2 Holistic development plan for short, medium and long term goals

Question 3 Monitor your own progress against the plan according to requirements and care practices

Question 4 Effectiveness of development plan

Task 3

Question 1 Nature of different professional relationship considering own working

Question 2 Own effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of individual

Question 3 Ways to resolve the issues

Task 4

Question 1 Effectiveness of personal contributions when working with others in health and social care practice

Question 2 The limits of own work role impacts on work with others

Question 3 Role in minimising barriers to effective teamwork in health and social care practice

Question 4 Improve personal contributions to the collective effectiveness of a team

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