Unit 6 Business Decision Making - Level 5 BTEC HND in Business

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Program: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 6 Business Decision Making

Level: Level 5

Task 1
AC 1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data useful to conduct a research that may provide ways to improve sales in your chosen company?
AC 1.2 Present, a survey methodology and sampling frame that will be most appropriate in your investigation?
AC 1.3 Design a questionnaire that you will use to collect primary data for the research

Task 2- Part A: Calculations and graph production (evidence for AC 3.3)
AC 2.1 Creation of information using representative values
AC 2.2 Analysis of results obtained in AC 2.1 for decision making
AC 2.3 Calculation of Standard Deviation and its usefulness
AC 2.4 Calculate the quartiles, percentiles and correlation coefficient of profit and sales figures

Task 3
AC 3.1 Production of graphs
AC 3.2 Creation of trend line in scatter graph and obtaining linear equation of the line fitted on scatter graph to forecast profit for an estimated sale of £ 400,000.
AC 3.3 Preparation of Business Presentation
AC 3.4 Formal Business Report

Task 4: Prepare a project plan
AC 4.1 Preparation of project plan using network diagram and determination of Critical Path.
AC 4.2 Calculation of NPV and IRR. Reporting on the financial viability of project options and advising on which option to channel the investment.

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