Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour - level 4 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour
Level: level 4 in business


1.1: Explanation of how the Guests model of HRM is adopted at Harrods:

1.2: Differences between storey's definition of HRM, personnel and IR practices by reflecting the HRM practices at Harrods:

1.3: The implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM at Harrods:


2.1: How a model of flexibility might be applied in practice

2.2: Types of flexibility which may be developed by Harrods

2.3: Flexible working practices from employee and employer perspectives of Harrods:

2.4: Impact on labor market due to flexible working practices may be faced by Harrods:

Task 3

3.1: Forms of discrimination that can take place:

3.2: The practical implications of equal opportunities legislation practiced in Harrods

3.3: Differences between managing diversity and equal opportunities:

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