Unit 42 Project Management for Business - level 5

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BTEC Higher National Diploma In Business - Unit 42 Project Management for Business - level 5

LO1 Understand project management principles

1.1 Describe the background and principles of project management

1.2 Appraise the viability of projects, developing success/failure criteria

1.3 Explain the principles behind project management systems and procedures

1.4 Explain the key elements involved in terminating projects and conducting post-project appraisals

LO2 Be able to manage a project's human resources

2.1 Identify the most appropriate organizational structure, roles and responsibilities of participants within a project

2.2 Control and co-ordinate a project

2.4 Plan and specify human resources and requirements for a project

LO3 Be able to apply project processes and procedures

3.1 Prepare project plans and establish the project organization

3.2 Apply project scheduling, estimating and cost control techniques

3.4 Explain project change control procedures evaluate the completed project

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