Arden University

Qualification - Pearson BTEC Level 5 HNC/D Diploma in Computing and Systems Development

Unit title - Internet Server Management

Assessment - Birkenhead College

Level - Level 5

Birkenhead College

LO1 Understand internet technologies
1.1 critically evaluate different internet technologies and communication protocols
1.2 critically compare different internet services and internetworking servers
1.3 discuss network management concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security, reliability and performance

LO2 Understand internet server architectures
2.1 critically analyse different internet server technologies and their performance
2.2 explain the hardware and software components of an internet server

LO3 Be able to implement internet server and services
3.1 produce a system specification to meet a given requirement
3.2 evaluate the suitability of internet server components
3.3 build and configure an internet server including services to meet a given requirement
3.4 critically review and test an internet server

LO4 Be able to manage internet server and services
4.1 install and manage websites and services to meet a given requirement
4.2 implement secure network access to meet a given requirement
4.3 monitor and troubleshoot an internet server and services
4.4 critically evaluate the performance of an internet server.

Assignment Brief

As part of the formal assessment for the HNC/D programme you are required to submit an assignment for each module. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments.

After completing the module you should be able to: 1 Understand internet technologies
2 Understand internet server architectures 3 Implement internet server and services 4 Manage internet server and services.

Completing the assignment tasks will demonstrate your ability to do these things. Specifically, each part of each task corresponds to the relevant assessment criterion given at the end of this specification. E.g. task 1 part 1 corresponds with Assessment Criterion 1.1.


Birkenhead is a town on the Wirral peninsula which forms the south bank of the River Mersey, opposite its more famous city neighbour Liverpool.

Rationalisation of college provision on the Wirral peninsula means that the former Art College is being merged with the much larger Birkenhead College. The Art College is located a few kilometres from the main campus in the town of Wallasey.

The Art College has until now run its own IT services and network with Internet connection but they are now to come under the main IT Services provision at Birkenhead College. Unfortunately, the Art College has been using different technologies from Birkenhead College in many areas of IT. This assignment is about the differences between these technologies and how the Art College might be better integrated into the main IT systems run at Birkenhead College.

Note: All the places mentioned in this scenario are real. You can find them by using any on-line mapping service. is recommended as it provides detailed maps of the UK.

Although the places are real, the rest of the scenario is not. You must use the information provided in this assignment specification to answer the questions. If anything you find out about the real colleges is different from that presented here, then you must use the information presented here. Reality has been changed to provide a suitable scenario for the assignment. In particular, DO NOT contact either of the colleges. They have more important things to do than answer student questions. If you have any questions about this assignment, contact the tutor.

Assignment Task

Task 1 - Guideline length 800 words

Since the Art College is a small college they only have limited computer facilities and they have to date allocated IP addresses manually and statically to each device. Birkenhead College on the other hand have an extensive range of facilities and allocate addresses across all its sites using DHCP.

Explain why Birkenhead College use DHCP whereas the Art College can manage with static addresses.

Up to now the Art College has been using an e-mail service contracted from Google called Gmail which has a web access interface. This has provided a suitable service for the small college but now they need to integrate with the Birkenhead College system, which is based on Microsoft Exchange and uses a locally installed client.

Explain the different ways of accessing e-mail (web front end compared with local client) in detail. You should focus on the protocols used by each approach.

Birkenhead College uses Microsoft Active Directory to manage its network resources and users.

Explain why the Art College should have a Domain Controller on site rather than relying on the Primary Domain Controller at the main campus in Birkenhead. You should focus on the management issues of the server and the local resources and users rather than the network traffic issues.

Task 2 - Guideline length 800 words

The Art College has been running their web server using Internet Information Services (IIS) from Microsoft. Despite being a predominantly Microsoft site Birkenhead College uses Apache running on a Linux server.

Explain the key technical and operations differences between these two solutions.

In order to align with the main college, the Art College are going to move their web server to Apache on Linux.

Explain in detail the hardware and software consequences of this move. Assume that the old server hardware will not be re-used. You do NOT need to consider any issues relating to the actual web site contents itself. (You should read task 3.1 before doing task 2.2 to avoid overlap.)

Task 3 - Guideline length 1000 words

As stated in 2.2 above, The Art College are moving their web server to Apache on Linux.

Recommend, with clear justifications, a suitable hardware platform and Linux distribution for them to use.

The network manager at The Art College is not happy about moving to Apache on Linux as she has spent a significant amount of time and effort getting IIS working properly.

Explain to the network manager why she needs to move to the new platform. You should focus on the advantages that the new platform will give over IIS.

There are many free Linux distributions available via the Internet which can be installed onto partitions of a hard disk, or a separate internal or external hard disk, or on to a USB memory stick. There are also many web sites documenting the procedure of setting up both Linux and Apache. One example is OpenSuse available at

Download and set up a suitable Linux installation and Apache server. Document this installation by taking screen shots. Provide an annotated set of screen shots showing the installation of the Linux operating system and Apache, up to the point where Apache is up and running. You MUST annotate the screen shots. You will not get a good grade if you just submit the screen shots without any notes.

It is strongly recommended that you do this task using a "live" version of Linux, either to CD or USB as this will not affect your normal operating system at all. It is also recommended that the server is run on an isolated machine that has been physically disconnected from any local network and the Internet to avoid interfering with other live services.

For the installation you have just done, provide a critical review of the setting up of the server, describing the procedure you followed and with a clear focus on the issues that you encountered and how you resolved them. Also compare the Linux installation with that for Windows.

Task 4 - Guideline length 900 words

Using the server you set up in task 3, install a simple web site. This does not need to be a complex web site at this stage. A single web page showing your full name and student id will be sufficient.

Take screen shots to show the web site being uploaded onto your server and being accessed via a browser. These shots should be annotated to explain what they show. The browser can be running on the same machine as the server. There is no need to connect the machine to a network or the Internet.

On your Linux installation, set up a general user with your student id as the user name. This user should be given a suitable set of access rights to allow them to upload web pages and generally manage the web server.

Take screen shots to show how you set up this user and to show the login sequence for both failed and successful login. These shots should be annotated to explain what they show.

Provide an annotated printout of the appropriate log files for your web server. You should provide sufficient log files to show that the server is working and sufficient annotation to show that you understand what the log file tells you about the server.

Explain whether the EXACT setup you have just implemented is appropriate for the college. Discuss the EXACT implementation you have done including the hardware you have actually used and the distribution you have actually used. Remember that this is meant to be a web server for the organisation in the scenario. You should clearly state whether the exact setup you have done on your hardware is suitable and then justify your answer in light of the likely requirements of this organisation.

Assessment Criteria for Merit


To achieve a Merit all of the Pass criteria need to be met, then the tutor will assess whether you have met the Merit Criteria. Each of the Merit criteria must have been met at least once within the assignment.

The following statements are examples of how a merit may be achieved, if you do meet the Merit Criteria by showing you have reached this level in other ways then credit will be awarded for this. You will need to meet M1, M2, M3 at least once.


Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.


  • Effective judgements have been made when selecting appropriate solutions.


Select design and apply appropriate methods/techniques

  • A range of credible sources of information have been used to identify appropriate products and solutions
  • Selected solutions make appropriate use of available technologies


Present and Communicate Findings

  • Material is presented in a logical and accurate manner matching the stated requirements for each task.
  • Appropriate levels of material are presented, taking into account the target audience.
  • Some use of referencing is made.


Assessment Criteria for Distinction


To achieve a Distinction you have met all of the Pass and the Merit criteria. Each of the Distinction criteria must be met at least once within the assignment.

The following statements are examples of how a Distinction may be achieved, if you do meet the Distinction Criteria by showing you have reached this level in other ways then credit will be awarded for this. You will need to meet D1,D2,D3 at least once.


Use critical reflection to evaluate your own work & justify valid conclusions

  • Proposals offer clearly justified matches to the requirements, with alternatives being discussed.
  • The work demonstrates a clear understanding of the overall requirements of the client as well as the individual system requirements.


Take responsibility for managing and organising activities.

  • Independent research, outside that provided in course materials, has been utilised to prepare the work
  • Appropriate assumptions are made and justified where detailed scenario information is not available


Demonstrate convergent, lateral & creative thinking.

  • Solutions presented show an innovative approach to network design based on the latest available equipment.
  • A clear understanding of the current trends in Internet Server Management is demonstrated by the specification of systems that will handle future requirements appropriately.








Are You Looking for Internet Server Management Assignment Help - Level 5 BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development?

Internet Server Management

Birkenhead College

Task 1


Birkenhead College has a strong network, Birkenhead have wide area of the network and they are using different services and Wi-Fi for both student and other. There are a set of the computer and there are use different network IT services and both It services are different from each other.

Here the DHCP server is nothing but the network server that provides and deploys client devices to IP addresses, default gateways, and other network parameters automatically. This is based on standard protocol called as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to respond to the queries shown by the client.

In colleges, they are using Windows operating system. There are many sections or department in the colleges and they are using Windows 8 operating system and BirkenheadCollege will use Windows10.

College is requested or invited to the student to BYOD (bring your own device) and there are connected to any network with their owndevice andthey can get better access.

Most of the student are belongs to other country and cities so they would like to make the conversion to their family and they also like to see the online video.Hence they needhighbandwidth for smooth conversation and video chatting.

F  Here we are using DHCPserver in the Birkenhead College. And we need to manage and developed the DHCP service.

F  So In-depth DHCP setup needs intensive configuration and full knowledge (TechTarget. 2000 - 2019)

F  DHCP configuration is a time consuming.

F  The effect of the wrong configuration is high and then it will reduce less the network

F  Use the IP address and well-known data

F  Difficulties in implementing 'redundancy' and 'always running' for DHCP service - especially during server maintenance and updates. (TechTarget. 2000 - 2019)

Even if you need to deploy large deployments of IP phone or to dynamically give the customer router addresses to the ISP, Birkenhead College can help to dedicate the DHCP tools.

DHCP helps to maintain the group of IP address and alsolets the IP address to DHCP enables to the client where client start the network Ip address are not static and it is dynamic and this IP address is no longer to use it will be reallocated and provide the security and also make difficult to track the IP address to attacker.


Email is comely use and efficient media communication, and before giving information about how to send mail it is necessary to know how to disclose it first.

Here the E-mail protocols are nothing but the set of rules which help the clients tocommunicates properly on a mail server or through information. We will discuss different protocols like SMTP, POP and IMAP.
Email Protocols - POP3, SMTP, and IMAP
POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) (SiteGround.2004-2019) version 3 is used for the local mail to receive the email from the server. This version 3 is used to allow download the messages emails on the computer and this massages read offline.Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) is standard protocol and it helps to receive the email from a server (remote) to client. Post Office Protocol version 3 helps to connect their own email account. So we can access the email account from any and multiple remote locations.POP3 also helps to store all messages on the client computer and this system help to reduce the space of the email account.

POP3 are working with 2 port

Ø Port 110:- This is non-encrypted default port

Ø Port 995:-This port it helps to connect to securely

"Internet Message Access Protocol "(IMAP) (SiteGround.2004-2019) is nothing but the local protocol that is used by local clients to use email on remote web servers.POP3 &IMAP this is the most common protocol which is used for receive mail protocol. POP3 &IMAP support through modern email access by client and web servers.POP3 protocol is access from the only single application while IMAPassists to access a number of the client.

IMAP is working with 2 port

Ø Port 143:- This is non-encrypted default port

Ø Port 993:-This port it helps to connect to securely

SMTP- "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol" (SiteGround.2004-2019) is the normal and standard protocol used for sending the emails across the internet.

IMAP is working with 3port

Ø Port 25:- This is the non-encrypted default port

Ø Port 465:-This port it helps to connect to securely

Ø Port 2525:- this port helps to non-encrypted emails send by SMTP


In the Birkenhead College, the student is using the Active Directory produced byMicrosoft, this directory to manage the users and the network resources. Art College should have the primary domain controller in the main campus of Birkenhead College.

The domain is simply the collection and managed the server machines that are machines choose the "Domain Controller" ( This is the good starting of domain controllers. The domain controller is nothing but the computer system running with the Microsoft server, and the operating supports computer system. There is some Microsoft server i.e. "Windows server 2008" in an edition with that the web. That is following the domain controller are performed:

ADDS-"Active Directory Domain Services" this server it's on.
The server for your organization has been declared a "moderator" as a domain controller.

To create a domain controller ( a system, that is performed two actions. Those two activities are done in a single process. When you have finished adding server roles, you will be prompted to advertise the server.

A domain controller is a server on the Windows operating system like Microsoft and NT OS network and this should be used by Art College site. Because DC is help for permitting the host service access to the domain asset (resources) and DC is focused on the Windows active directory service. This will authenticates client and users and also helps to store the account information and helps to implement the security policy.

Set up a local DC
Using Server Manager (UI)

Here we can set up the local DC so in order to create the windows server 2008 DC (Domain Controller) first of all we can install Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) which is role as the server manager is on the windows server 2008.

First of all we can change the DC controller name or server name and IP address.

Installing the AD DS role

They provide the basic information like the configuring IP addresses, strong address and then windows updates.

Then select the "Role-based or Feature-based Installation" then select a server from the server pool.

To install or setup the AD DS, so select the Active Directory Domain Services and then add another AD DS tool. Then the another feature is automatically install is Group Policy Management feature at the promotion.

After that it will offers many choices to export the DS configuration settings then it is required if you restarted the server automatically. Then promote the server to the Domain Controller.

Task 2


Apache is a basic software that is provided and develops the open source or called the web servers to run on it. In the Apache, there is the primary product are available is the HTTP server. Today, the HTTP server is popular. The internet information services-IIS is the software to develop by using Microsoft and they provide the operating system. IIS is most popular in the world and the HTTP server is also used in the IIS server.

The "Apache Web server" is popular and running on Linux and Windows. It's beneficial for webhosting and trying web publishing and there is a different type of version are available for different type of operating system. Apache web server included in the complete web server known as Lamp. There are many types of web server just like the (Linux, PHP, MySQL, and Apache) and there is the collection of software open source and it totally handles all the web and publishing the web from operating system down toward the language of scripting( Apart from this, open source communities who need to ask for answers in order to have the time and courage.

IIS is a server and IIs program run on Microsoft in Windows OS.By default is disable and we need to add the service for access IIS.It is actually necessary to buy Windows to use those services. The obvious advantage of running IIS is that many persons are aware of the Microsoft Windows operating system and it is much easier for Windows users to know the IIS.

The IIS is supports of Microsoft-issued .NET Framework; ASPX scripts are specially used in IIS. The IIS is Microsoft server is used for the web hosting. In the IIS there is the problem in the Microsoft Windowsoperating system and it is popular and there are many Trojans and the malware that is happening in the Windows OS.

Apache is free and packaged with IIS Windows.

Apache runs with the OS that is including Apple's OS X, UNIX, and most common use Linux.

There is a dedicated member of the IIS to answer most of the problems while supporting the community for Apache.

IIS for Windows is optimized because they belong to a similar company.

Windows OS is disposed to security in the OS.


In Art colleges use the Linux, you can start, and restart the Apache web serverand use the scripts that were built for this purpose in Red Hat Linux. Type as root in the shell prompt: /etc/rc.d/init.d/HTTP Start the server. Use the same script to, restart but wecan replace by start, restart, and stop. You can start the computer system start as the root, to run the computer server.

Many people believe in the computer hardware and computer software. Hardware and software are used in this college. And always used in the Red Hat Linux. A thumb rule defines hardware as computer content may be interrupted. But the computer hardware and software there is the computer emphasize the logical equivalence: "Any operation made by the software can be built directly on the hardware. Any order to execute through the hardware and software too. Computer hardware is executed by using the CPU-Central Processing unit or we can say memory chip. There is no wire connection for connection with the CPU just like the mouse to keyboard. However, the entity is a part of the hardware computer systems, the hardware has directly involved the power than the computer hardware systems.

The college has a computer system and they are properly running. This computer systems are still working completely and will not be helped from upgrading servers, should college allow and run the server properly and plan to maintain a server. It is feared that the failure of a server to lose data rather than scheduled maintenance and more time is needed. These computer servers are mostly used for online, management information accounting, CRM, point-of-sale.

PHP is per hypertext programming language.PHP is an open source programming language and it is easy to maintain the site.We can develop the site using PHP and it also helps to cost-cutting. PHP is a free and open source programming language and there is no need license. Another is getting the issue for setting port for MySQL database.We can create the database in MySQL and it is also an open source database and all service is set up in the Apacheserver. MySQL is the most popular open source database and it is backend database is mostly used in PHP site.There are many types of web server just like the (Linux, PHP, MySQL, and Apache) and there is the collection of software open source and it totally handles all the web and publishing the web from operating system down toward the language of scripting.

Hardware configuration

Task 3

We know that the hardware platform is very important for running any application efficiently. A hardware platform is a group of compatible h/w and on this h/w application is run suitably. Each software has its specific suitable hardware requirement and this platform has own language. This programming language builds a program for a specific platform. The software has a specific hardware requirement including a type of processor, memory, and related hardware. Linux distribution needs to 10MB memory space. In this configuration memory is also another important part of the hardware configuration. Hardware memory that is primary memory (RAM) requirement is 1GB. Secondary memory need to 4giga byte and processor speed is 500 MHz, anotherrequiresspace should be 512mb RAM and hard disk should be 10GB. Apache is a most popular web server and it is commonly used on Linux system. Web server is the most significant server we can request to a web server for access pages. We can also be called a LAMP.LAMP full form is Linux, Apache and MySQL and PHP or Python or Perl. This LAMP creates the most powerful and reliable platform and provides a superior environment for deployment land developments of a website. Linux distribution and apache is provided a best and powerful platform to the for art college. Linux is an open source operating system and easily available online and provides strong security and other software. It is easily available we can install easily on a system. Linux provides strong security than another operating system.


IIS means internet information system and it is available in the Microsoft Windows system. An Internet information system is also called a Windows web server. An Internet information server is not directly available in Windows. We can install internet information service by enabling feature IIS service through the control panel of the Windows operating system. While we need to download exam, wamp or apache server separately and then install it.

IIS can only run on a Windows operating system only while Apache can be installed on UNIX, Linux and Mac operating system. And Linux, UNIX operating system is open source operating system and it is freely available on online and no need any license.

Internet information services are suitable for the Windows operating system and are suitable for the application web development while the Apache web server is suitable for developing different web application like PHP and Perl technologies.

Apache is providing the cross-platform. Apache is an HTTP web server and Apache is open source web server and Apache web server has managed by apache foundation. This Apache is free open source software and it also helps to increase the performance of the access the web request (

Apache is helped to fixed and reliable development. Windows need a license while apache is free so it helps to make cost-cutting. LAMP full form is Linux, Apache and MySQL, and pho or python or Perl. This LAMP creates the most powerful and reliable platform and provides a superior environment for deployment land developments of the website.

Internet information service is difficult to configure than Apache. Nowadays apache is installed easily and provides a different cross-platform for development and it also provides databases like MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. Here we need to install the Apache and it will take some separate memory also. Here we have to make an update and restart the apache server.

Every time when we start the system we have to manually start the Apache application.IIS is in build in the operating system and we have to just enable the service and it is also supported to advance scripting like is easy to maintain and we can set the authentication policy also.


Linux operating system is an open source operating system and we can download the operating system from the internet. It is easily available on the internet. Linux operating system is available in different version like Ubuntu, Karl etc. This operating system can be installed easily on a suitable platform. It is cross-platform and also supported an application. This operating system is secure but most of the organization uses this open-source operating system due to security purpose. A distributed operating system is most useful for handle number if the resources. The distributed operating system differs from other networking is because providing transparency look for an entire network. And they cannot distinguish their resources from remotely available resources. Ubuntu is an open source operating system and Ubuntu is an operating system and easily available for a computer system. Ubuntu operation system is based on Linux distribution (Debian) and it is providing a good desktop environment. In a distributed operating system, a resource is sharing and more traffic is generating. So there are more vulnerabilities enter into the system. To overcome this problem we need to use a security tool like snort, Nessus, Karli which help to scan the threads. This operating system is secure and easily support to network security tool. This operating system we can install easily and make a partition for the installation. In a distributed operating system, we can run on the more than system in a cooperative way. A group of a computer is working cooperatively on jobs and it is called distributed operating systems and it also helps to share resources in a distributed manner.


Installation of linux


Here we know that Apache is a web server and help to accept the client request. For install Apache, need to first download apache server or we can also install apache by using Xamp, wampetc.server. On installation of Apache, we need to take care of installation and we have to configure apache. A configuration of Apache is not easy but we can install easily way by using server tool. To start apache we need to use below command .we can install apache server in Linux(Debian) we need to upload file on location /var/www/HTML under RHEL / Centos/. Similarly, for installation of apache server on Fedora we need to upload files on /var/www/ for Ubuntu Linux system. Sometime apache is not running properly due to some issues so we need to restart the all apache services when we configure the apache it is compulsory to restart apache service every time for take effect. There is another apache problem is SSL problem. Sometime apache is stopping due to improper port setting and apache is not loading properly and stops the working and enables to open the apache port. Apaches have default port is 80 and apache have 433 of HTTPS/SSL. If apache stops working then another application related to Apache like PHP and all services will stop. And apache will stop working without showing any error message. It is better if you can use the web server installation guide before installation or we can also use a web server tool like Xamp or wamp server which makes apache run with a minimum configuration setting.

Here the windows operating system is used to control and manage computer hardware. It is perform and behave as the intermediary between the hardware and the user.

In windows operating system, the users can't use and access the source code. Also, it has the licensed OS.

Windows provides the vulnerability to the malware attacks and viruses.

Windows efficiency is lower than Linux.

Here the file system is available such as FAT, FAT32, ReFS, NTFS.

Here it used the used the microkernel.

Separation of the directories using back slash.

Task 4


In this question, we are installing the Apache server on the Linux Operating System. Here I have to install the operating system on my machine.To installation of operating system first I have studied the system configuration requirement and Linux distribution need to 10mb memory space. In this configuration memory is also another important part of the hardware configuration. Hardware memory that is primary memory (RAM) requirement is 128MB. Secondary memory need to s 4giga byte and processor speed is 500 MHz, another requires space should be 512mb RAM and hard disk should be 10GB. Apache is a most popular web server and it is commonly used on Linux system. Web server is the most significant server we can request to a web server for access pages.

In below screen, we can see that the Linux operating system

Now we have to get apache from the apache .org.We can find the apache from the the browser and enter the URL apache.ord and press enter.You can see the apache software foundation screen.

Installing apache on linux

In the above screen apache installation progress and here we can see the progress of Apache installation. After complete installation, we can test the apache. The default port for apache is 80.Testing of apache is very important.The default server of Apache is the localhost.Now we can test the apache. First, open the browser and enter the server localhost in the address bar of the browser. In below screen, you can see that the default page of the Apache server.

In above we can see the default page of the Apache


In the above screen, here we have installing ubantu Linux operating system in a virtual box.First, we need to download the Linuxubantu operating system form the site.Open the browser.In the above screen, we can see different menu option on the website.There are enterprise Developer, community and download option.

Here we have install the Linux operating system for that the user with the student ID as like the username.

Here, we have installed the ubantu Linux operating system then we have open it.

Then, install building the process and reading the state information.

In this above diagram, we can see that this is the processing trigger and also see that the enabling the entire module. And then make the setting up apache for the login process in web page.

In this above diagram, we have enter the password, also the user can re-enter the password for user.

This is the virtual host screenshot and there are many configuration files available.

In this above diagram, we can see that the user can write the authentication type and authentication name and then write the Authentication file path. Then show the result.

This is the running process.

This is the web page to login the user.

Here, the user can login the web page so write the username and password then click on OK button.

Here the user can cancel the process. If it is invalid.

This is the unauthorized page if the user enters a wrong username and password.

Here we can see the starting Windows of the operating system.

In the above screen, we can see the login screen for the Linux operating system.


In above we can see that the error log file. Apache is a web server where we can access request from the client and send the response in the form of web result. When we install apache we need to configure the apache and after configuring the Apache we can restart the apache for the latent effect. If we cannot restart the apache server then it will not take the updates and we will not get the current changes. Apache can give an error message and stop running suddenly. So now how can we check the reason to stop working? So to overcome this problem apache server gives the error log. In the above error log file, we can see the month and time of the error message. In error log file help to identify the reason for the apache malfunction.

In above we can see that they are processed ID 8640 has warning and Process ID 5516 has core notice.Here Apache is running well and I did not get any serious issue.


In the section, we have done the installation of Linux and Apache web server. Here we have actually checked hardware configure of Linux and Apache. Here we need the basic hardware configuration for the Linux and Apache. Hardware configuration includes hardware memory that is primary memory (RAM) requirement is 1GB. Secondary memory need to 500GB and processor speed is 500 MHzor anotherminimum requires space should be 512MB RAM and hard disk should be 10GB. Apache is a most popular web server and it is commonly used on Linux system. If we will not fulfill the hardware configuration the system does not allow installing the software. Here we have to need the main hardware for the installation of any software. First hardware is a hard disk which is called as secondary memory. Another memory is RAM which called as secondary memory and processor should be P-IV.

As per above discussion above installation is very beneficial by college and they can use to install the apache on the Linuxserver. But it is time-consuming of Linuxsystem. If we use any server application like wamp server it will make easy to install and configure show you real installation which is used by any organization and setting is universal for the Linuxsystem. We will get the same result if we follow the same installation process on the college server.

In this assignment, we have done the configuration and installation of the Linux web server. Here, Linux is multiuser because it allows number of userswho are sharing the same computer system at the same time. Here we have configured the UNIX, it is open source code. Here, the user can change or update the open source code as per the requirements. Linux is the multitasking because number of program can be execute at the same time. Here the multitasking means more utilization of the CPU resources. Then we have configured the windows operating system, so any operating system which is developed is based on the UNIX, UNIX is open source code that called as flavors of UNIX.


In this assignment, we have studied about many things such as apache, Linux, LAMP system, etc. so this assignment is lengthy and not easy to understand so we have distributed the work of this assignment into three members.

Here member 1 studied and analysis the whole assignment. Also they have studied about the Linux, apache, and LAMP system, etc. Member 1 plays the important role. He has completed the practical work and then make the screenshots.

Member 2 has completed the writing work on the solution report. Member 2 has written the explanation about the above screenshots.

Then member 3 has written the reflection and then checks the solution report and send to client as per the client requirements.