Internet and E-Business

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Internet and E-Busines

LO 1. Understand the scope of e-business

LO 2. Understand how the internet works

LO 3. Be able to use different e-business models

LO 4. Be able to use good website design

Scenario 1: ISD

E business solution

Benefits and barriers to this business considering an online presence

Identify the security issues to IDS e-business model and describe prevention measure you would suggest.

Explain the internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful.

Scenario 2: Don's Lumber

Illustrate the different e-business models that can be suited for Don's Lumber Company

Describe how this process could be improved with e-business solution:

Analyze each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue:

Scenario 3: Amazon

Analyse the functions of client servers & browsers and the role of the search engine and search facility of a website.

Evaluate the use of intranet and extranet within business communication.

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