Explain how prices and output decisions are determined

Unit 1 Business Environment - GSK and AZ Assignment Help - Unit 1 Business Environment - GSK and AZ - Level 5 Diploma in Business
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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 1 Business Environment - GSK and AZ

Level: Level 5

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Task 1
Question 1) Identify the purposes of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), National Health Service of UK (NHS), the Red Cross and any cooperative society in UK that you are familiar with.
Question 2)Describe the extent to which GSK meets the objectives of its key stakeholders.
Question 3) Explain the responsibilities GSK has towards its key stakeholders and the strategies employed to meet them.

Question 2.2) Taking into consideration the recession that UK faced in 2009 assess the impact of the UK government's fiscal and monetary policies on the activities of GSK and AZ.
Question 2.3).With reference to the Enterprise Act 2002 and article 101 and 102 of the EU legislation, evaluate how the UK/EU competition and regulatory policies can or have impacted on the activities of the GSK.
Question 3.2).Using a range of examples, illustrate how the forces of demand and supply affects the pricing and sales decisions of GSK.
Question 3.3) (a) With the aid of the management tool called PEST/PESTEL judge how the business environment impacts /affect the behaviour of GSK.
Question 3.3) (b) Judge how the cultural environment determines the behaviour of GSK.
Question 4.1)Discuss the significance of international trade to GSK and AZ.
Question 4.2.) GSK and AZ are multinational companies operating in many parts of the world. Analyze how global business factors can affect their activities (Consider, political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors in the global context but not local)
Question 4.3) Evaluate how the policies of the European Union, including the ones mentioned below, can or have impacted on the activities of GSK and AZ.

Task 2
Explain the three economic systems (Free market, command and mixed) and discuss why you think one of them allocates resources more effectively than the others (AC 2.1)

Task 3
Explain how prices and output decisions are determined in a perfect competitive market, Monopoly, monopolistic competition and Oligopoly. (AC 3.1)

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