Course: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Healthcare Practice


Executive Summary
"For the purpose of health and social services to prevent the development, or repetition of diseases, to reduce disease, to promote quality of life and to detect practise," said American sociologist Earl Robert Babbie, Research is a highly thorough study to gather a new understanding."(Christensen et al., 2014)

The objective of this study is to investigate and protect the quality of health services offered by the Red Bridge, the impact of financial vulnerabilities on adult health and social services systems. The nation's demographic change has boosted demand for government-sponsored health and social services in the country. Nevertheless, the provision of public services does not reflect the growing demands of senior people. The health results of individuals were different since there was no social welfare funding for adults. At the moment, it is particularly crucial for government authorities to ensure high-quality treatment through enough funding. A literary review to identify contemporary research requirements and gain insight into existing health and social systems has been conducted. To shape the research study, a thorough research approach was recommended.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Aims and objectives
  • Methodology
  • Gantt Chart
  • Results
  • Discussion & Conclusion
  • Personal reflection
  • References

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Protection of the quality of care provided by investigation in the Red Bridge district of the impact of the adult funding shortage

Aims and objectives

The aims of the research are:
• Assess the appropriateness of public investment in adult funding.
• To analyze government investment adequacy in the police system to protect adults against neglect/abuse.
• To assess the efficiency of adult funding in the Borough of Red Bridge
• To identify the efficiency of the 2014 Care Act to promote adult protection.
• Identify government challenges in financing adult care services.
The Objectives of the research are:
• Is there adequate government investment in adult funding?
• Is public investment sufficient to protect adults from neglect or abuse in the police system?
• Is adult funding in the red bridge district effective?
• Has adult protection been promoted by the implementation of the Care Act 2014?
• Are there challenges for government to finance adult healthcare services?

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Learning Outcome 1: Explain the role of research for evidence-based practice in health and social care

Solution: The process of adult protection changed dramatically in the last century. Enhanced technological advances, increased investment, new policies, better laws, and more openness have improved adult protection, protection against abuse and disregard. adult protection has been significantly improved. The emphasis is currently on the use of evidence-based practices for improving these people's quality of life.

Evidence-based Practices help professionals in developing appropriate strategies to fulfil the needs of adults by using the skills, scientific guidelines, current policies, and available evidence (Kamath and Guyatt, 2016). Using evidence-based practices, extensive research is needed to improve the existing systems. This is because research helps to identify and minimize obstacles using available evidence (Wilson et al., 2011). The research process includes the identification of research issues, identification of research objectives, formulation of goals and problems, literature review, formulating hypotheses, research design development, information collection and analysis and interpretation of research findings.

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Learning Outcome 2: Conduct a review of key literature relating to a research topic towards improvements in care practice

Research Question and Rationale

To what extent is the government of Red Bridge holding adequate funds to protect adults in terms of healthcare needs?

As Red Bridge is one of the largest regions, the government of Red Bridge is responsible to allocate funds necessary to protect adults. It is important to understand if the government has funds or the infrastructure or resources needed to execute Care Act. This is a much-needed research due to the growing size of aged population.

Literature Review

Solution: The review of literature is a vital component of the research work. This is because the literature review helps to increase researchers' knowledge and to identify research gaps by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of existing literature. However, to provide a well-structured literature review with increased clarity, the researcher needs to have adequate skills and qualities. In writing the literature review, it is essential for the researcher to have critical analysis skills. The investigator should be able to synthesize past studies in a concise fashion. They should then find and critically analyze the relationship between the various literatures to identify the research gap and the problem. Furthermore, the researcher should be able to understand, analyze and select literature which is extremely important for the subject of research. He/she should be intelligent, be clear-minded and be able to resolve problems promptly... It is important for researchers to acquire the proper time management skills in the best viable way to efficiently use time and conduct research. Finally, the researcher should have a critical thinker who changes facts to support his research activities. The literature review should be unbiased and accurate.

In an evidentiary practise initiative, I can perform a health and social literature review. According to Cowell (2015), literature review adds more value especially for evidence-based practice. I have skills and knowledge. I trust in taking decisions and acting on them and not in waiting for approval to carry out basic tasks. Independence is another outstanding ability. I have management of time, a precondition for the development of projects, and I can work carefully. I can develop and resolve problems by developing strategies. I can also access and draw conclusions on the usefulness of the information from my own and other people's work. Finally, I am an eager and reader who can determine and decrypt details. This feature provides me with sufficient ammunition for such research.

It is of relevance to ethical research since it guarantees high-quality research and safeguards the rights and duties of people. In other words, during conducting research work it ensures strict adherence to research principles and norms. It is essential that participants are respected by the researchers and their decisions to participate or resign from the research activity are recognized. They should be fair in protecting the participants' interests. In addition, the researchers should be sensitive and ensure that during the research activity no subject is harmed at any time. You should keep the respondents confidential. In addition, the investigator should have adequate expertise to investigate and address any ethical problems that arise in the conduct of research activities. In the event of moral ambiguity, the researcher should be capable of thinking critically and making appropriate decisions. To avoid infringements of ethical directives it is thus extremely important to have these skills while conducting the research.

Tackling Abuse and neglect in health and social care

The literature was conducted using authentic sources to collect secondary data. Adult protection is safeguarding their right to life against abuse and neglect. A new safeguarding mechanism has been implemented by the local government. This system has a multi-agency team that works to prevent and stop adult abuse and neglect(Candotto et al., 2015). In social care, there are several types of abuse. Physical, domestic, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse are just a few of them. There are numerous steps that can be taken if damage or abuse is suspected. The essential action is to report to the organization's safeguarding head. You can whistle blow for bad practise and express your concern, as well as provide full details of the event. The CQC is one of these authorities, and you will be legally protected under the Public Disclosure Act (1998)(Office for National Statistics, 2019). There are several elements that can contribute to a person's vulnerability to abuse and damage. The elderly is frequently targeted for abuse because they are frail and unable to defend themselves. Adult and mental disability with mental diseases is a valuable resource.

The SAMTAB process was used to determine whether the literature review was valid and reliable. Authentic and reliable sources collected secondary data (government website). In addition, the literature examination was carried out using the qualifications and skills which are essential to good research(Christensen et al., 2014). To develop a well-structured literature survey, numerous studies were carried out in a critical way. For the literature review, the appropriate method has been used. To identify the relevant literature, key terms and phases were used. In conjunction with the latest documentation on this subject the literature review was carried out. In the literature review, several topics were discussed. These issues were well linked to accurately identify the research gap and the contribution of the research study to the improvement of the functioning of existing systems. In addition, the literary analysis was impartial. By analyzing journal articles for the researcher's partiality, errors were minimized(Wilson et al., 2011). Care was also taken in writing the literature review to prevent the influence of personal preference and cognitive distortion.

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Learning Outcome 3: Develop a project proposal using evidence-based practice

Solution: Develop a proposal for a project with the practice of proof foundation. Evidence-based practice helps to develop suitable strategies by identifying appropriate techniques for addressing and addressing challenges based on available evidence. It helps to determine the practicality and effectiveness of potentially positive effects on the experimental environments of the techniques/services. In addition, it is possible to identify weaknesses in existing systems and improve the quality of existing services by using evidence-driven practices. It helps determine areas for improvement/modification by identifying research shortcomings (Wilson et al., 2011). Therefore, new techniques can be explored based on the limits of existing practices that help to identify and minimize barriers in current operational systems.

Over the last few decades, Britain's age structure has changed considerably (Office for National Statistics, 2019). This is because the fertility and mortality rates have declined significantly. The geriatric population of 1 in 4 individuals aged sixty-five years and older is projected to continue to increase in the future, according to Office for National Statistics (2019). The demand for adequate health and social services for older people has increased. However, Red bridge, the third largest region in Britain, is struggling to provide adequate services to ensure that the population of adults is growing exponentially.

Consequently, the aim of this research is to study and protect the quality of care in red bridge districts, the effects of the health and social support shortage of adults. The reason is that the global economic crisis has recently increased the demand for health care and inflation of certain services' costs. The impact of the funding gaps on adult protection needs to be investigated due to the urgency. This report evaluates the impact of financial weaknesses on the protection of adults in the Red Bridge district

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Learning Outcome 4: Examine the value of the literature review process in influencing positive change in health, care or support service provision.

Solution: According to Jin et al. (2015), the growing population rate also indicates the need for higher allocation of fund to manage elderly people in a community. This contributes to the longevity of individuals. As people age, they develop age-specific diseases that increase overall healthcare costs. According to Harris et al. (2013), ensuring access to necessary healthcare services is a vital part of the treatment.

As aged individuals develop new diseases, they need access to various healthcare programs and services that can bridge the gap between service provider and the patient through intermediary programs. The role played by the government in the process of developing healthcare services to aged population is critical and inevitable. According to King & Hope (2013), when patients receive personalized treatment methodology, it is feasible to maximize outcomes from a patient.

Patient-focused communication followed by healthcare centers also needs dedicated human resources and technical infrastructure. Along with the services provided, King & Hope (2013) strongly insist on engaging patients and their families in suggesting therapies and interventions needed to treat age-related diseases in the long run. When it comes to Red Bridge, the aging population is on rise and this also indicates that the healthcare infrastructure should remain on rise.

According to Lichtenberg (2015), as people live long, there is a growing need for healthcare innovation so as to maximize the overall reach of healthcare services. Further, this approach can also contribute towards reducing the spread of age-related diseases by promoting immunity at early stages. The integrated healthcare system begins when the person is in the childhood. As Caldero (2013) rightly stated, age-related diseases usually fall under physical and mental issues.

Both sorts of issues can be addressed with educational programs conducted during early stages of life. Such programs can educate the importance of good health and teach individuals to eliminate stressors around them. When individuals are capable of managing their personal needs, it is easy for the government to lower healthcare costs as well. According to Calkley et al. (2015), evidence-based practice needs to be introduced with the integration of funds for health as well as social assistance. When people from Red Bridge receive necessary funds, longevity increases and the complexity associated with healthcare access is also addressed.


This research is based on primary and secondary sources of data. A qualitative method is used for primary data collection. Interviews with various parties (such as country citizens, health/social services workers, the local police, government officials and volunteers' organizations) should be conducted. The number of participants in this research will be 300. There will be a selection from red bridge, London, for 100 citizens, 50 professionals, 100 police, 100 officials, and 100 members of volunteers.For collecting primary data, the non-probability sampling method will be chosen. The government database will collect secondary data on country age structure, citizens' health status, and adult protection. To quantify and interpret primary data obtained, content analysis shall be used. Secondary data are analyzed with the Social Sciences Statistical Package (SPSS) software (Christensen, Johnson, and Turner, 2014). Appropriate conclusions can be drawn based on these results and adequate solutions are available.

During the research activity, strict observance of ethical guidelines will be ensured. No respondent is required to participate in the interview during the collection of primary data and a consent form is requested from respondents. In addition, confidentiality will be maintained between organizations and respondents. We should take care not to harm any subject while carrying out the research activity. Authorities shall be obtained and reproduced, as necessary, from the relevant authority. Moreover, data gathered from secondary sources are correctly referenced to prevent plagiarism.


In Red bridge district, it is especially important to protect the adults. This has impaired the safety and safety of adults and adversely affected the use of numerous services because of the increasingly exponential rates of crime in the city. To protect adults from negligence / abuse, to exploit their basic rights and to improve quality of life, the government has introduced the Care Act of 2014.

The Central Government's funding cut has, however, increased the pressure on the Local Government over the last few years. The Red bridge district is the third most populous region in London to face several challenges to protect adults. Consequently, the local government has implemented several strategies to effectively manage funding constraints. The Government is currently primarily committed to restoring and prioritizing adequate services to improve the efficiency of various operations. The financial constraints have increased the need to study and guarantee the quality of care for the adult environment in the Red Bridge district.

Solutions to current research problems would be successful in this study. Determining and linking the results and findings of the existing studies to the strengths and weaknesses of the research available would help in providing the correct direction. In addressing the current system's weaknesses and gaps, services can be revised to protect and improve the quality of care for adults.


However, any research work has several limitations (Christensen et al., 2014).Resource's availability, time-limited and feasibility are the main research limitations of this study. In addition, because of changed thinking of certain respondents and their refusal to take part in research activities, the number of respondents may change. Research will however be planned in the most appropriate way to help the research complete correctly.

It is quite important to review literature because it summarizes several studies dealing with a particular problem. This provides a concise formula for various therapies/approaches, which helps develop an appropriate strategy for protecting adults, with their strengths and weaknesses. The use of the latest scientific findings and advanced technology further leads to better results by using the evidence available to develop effective strategies for dealing with the present situation (Cowell, 2015). Thus, by taking up recent findings and exploiting the strengths and weakness of existing systems, a literature review influences critical services in evidence-based practice.

In recent years, increased research investments have improved proof-based practices and therefore the provision of services by local authorities. Research has contributed to the development of new and advanced technologies, improvement of existing techniques and policies, improvable of existing practices legislation, and development of new practices. This improved health outcomes using newest findings and technological advances in the development of strategies to protect adults in the Red Bridge area.

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Discussion & Conclusion

The research study contributed to a thorough understanding of the subject of the research. It underlined the government's attempt and its strategies to prevent the loss/abuse of adults. The Commission also stressed that the government would use evidence-based practice to manage the work of red bridge Borough effectively. It helped to develop the existing analytical competencies. In addition, it improved the problem-solving capabilities by quickly evaluating the problems and developing rapid strategies to address them. The research has shown that the current approach is superior, using evidence to deduce efficient practical solutions to current challenges.
The lack of financing affected the functioning of the various sectors and services of the red bridge district. Nevertheless, the current needs of red bridge borough adults can be met through the formulation of sufficient plans and the restructuring of existing services. Moreover, this efficient use of the available services would also help to protect and deliver high-quality care to adults from negligence / abuse.

In this way, the gaps, and weaknesses of the current system, which could contribute to reform, restructure, and prioritization of government services to protect and improve the quality of care for adults, can be identified by developing an evidence-based approach. Moreover, a survey of the impact of funding scarcity in adult environments would help develop adequate strategies to address the current problem, helping people in the borough of red bridge to be empowered and to prevent neglect/abuse by providing them with high quality care. Exploring the impact of the funding shortage would help to identify the areas of concern. By prioritizing existing operations/services, it would help in further distributing the appropriated budget. Departmental and secondary information would easily help to develop numerous effective strategies for safeguarding adults in current settings. This is because collecting and analyzing existing data would help to find prompt solutions to tackle the funding shortage through strategic restructuring and prioritizing the services available.

Personal reflection

As a result, this research assisted me in better understanding the research topic. I have identified the conflicts of previous studies and found the inconsistencies of the existing literature by conducting extensive research. This helped contribute to clarification, critical evaluation of the scenario and the immediate finding of certain fields of research. I noticed that there is no single cause factor in any existing problem; it develops instead through a complex interaction of several factors, which together form the current problem. It helped me to identify my problems, develop the theory of research and develop the design of research. My ability to critically examine events and formulate speedy responses to problems was also enhanced by the literary criticism. As a result, the literary criticism aided me in gaining faith in my research.

The research process gave me a sense of the correct approach, starting from the start to the end of the idea. The proposed research therefore included a structured and unbiased review of the research literature. The research program helped me to exploit and develop the weaknesses of the literature available. I could also quickly identify problems with research, formulate hypotheses for research and understand their importance for the reform of the existing system.

Following a thorough literature study, the research process has led me to understand the efforts of local authorities and to identify and provide high-quality care for their strategies for the safety of adults. I also realized that evidence-based practices are urgently needed to improve the efficiency and efficiency of services, so as not to neglect/misuse the red bridge district citizens. This study contributed to the development of new innovative methods to solve existing issues. In the period specified, it proposed a structured approach and a schedule for research.

The use of existing literature and increased investments in sound research is important because the quality of services provided in the area to protect vulnerable adults (aged people, people with disabilities, people with mental disorders, and people with chronic disease) would improve evidence-based practices. This research activity is important. Health and social services can therefore be reformed to improve the quality of care offered to citizens through the work on the weaknesses and deficiencies of the present system. Furthermore, research into the effects of lack of funding in adult settings would help to develop early solutions to the existing problem, helping protect adults not only by providing quality services, but also by enabling them to exercise their rights. This study therefore contributed to the development of a good research proposal and its success would significantly contribute to the identification of appropriate adult protection solutions.

FAQ for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in Health and Social Care

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  3. How does a literature review contribute to improvements in care practice?
  4. How do you develop a project proposal using EBP?
  5. How does evidence-based practice (EBP) influence the development of project proposals?
  6. . How valuable is the literature review process in influencing positive change in healthcare, social care, and support services?

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