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Learning Objectives:

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Outline Content:

  • The Entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Strategic enterprise management, Business registration
  • New venture creation - business models, start-up selling, marketing, social media and PR
  • Entrepreneurial finance and managing risk
  • IPR and how to exploit it
  • Pricing structures, Crowd funding and VC investment
  • Networking and customer relations
  • How to calculate Tax and VAT
  • Cashflow, Bookkeeping, Personal survival planning,
  • Effective pitches and presentations

Key skills

  • Critical thinking, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.
  • Identify and address strategic problems.
  • Develop cohesive and persuasive arguments.
  • Research appropriate periodicals, books, websites and other references to extract and draw together information and knowledge.
  • Research companies and draw out meaningful knowledge and conclusions from various information sources (e.g., from financial statements, Annual Reports, analysts' reports).
  • Effectively articulate and persuasively communicate strategic issues both verbally and in written forms, instance in terms of analysis of strategic issues, report writing and delivering effective critique.

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This module is assessed by means of a coursework assignment. The summative assessment will provide a test of the understanding and analytical skills acquired by students. As part of the summative coursework assignment, students will be expected to analyse, in detail, the business outline/plan of their chosen business / organisation in the form of an individual report. The word limit is set at a maximum of 3000 words inclusive. The summative assessment will require students to think critically, be able to analyse, evaluate and then apply concepts and theories taught during the module in their summative assessment.

Ideally, students should apply their own research skills in finding information and use their own initiative to develop insights into Enterprise Development.

In completing the summative assessment coursework you may wish to contact small company owners for interviews or for information regarding Enterprise Development. You may seek to interview these by contacting them to arrange meetings or requesting they address questions over email. It is important to note that not all small Business owners are available or willing to do so and a lack of interviewing will not compromise your grades. However, you may feel you will better understand the business planning process through an interview.

This assessment method reflects conditions you will face when working for companies and when having to conduct strategic analyses of competitors or on behalf of clients (e.g., in consultancy). You will need to work under time constraints, you will not have full and perfect access to all information and you will need to make judgements based on analysis of data and information that you can get access to. Try to integrate information from across different analysis tools and methods for richer strategic insights.

Assignments should be typed, using 1.5 spacing and an easy-to-read 12-point font. You should use double- sided printing, and ensure that assignments are securely bound.

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The word count should:

  • Include all the text, including title, preface, introduction, in-text citations, quotations, footnotes and any other items not specifically excluded below.
  • Exclude diagrams, tables (including tables/lists of contents and figures), equations, executive summary/abstract, acknowledgements, declaration, bibliography/list of references and appendices. However, it is not appropriate to use diagrams or tables merely as a way of circumventing the word limit. If a student uses a table or figure as a means of presenting his/herown words, then this is included in the word count.

Learning Outcomes:

A. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practice of strategic enterprise management and new venture entrepreneurship

B. Evaluate critically difference finance and investment models analysing the relationship between finance, investment, and business models

C. Apply knowledge of entrepreneurial leadership, business planning, and entrepreneurial finance, to real life business venturing

D. Demonstrate evaluative, research, and investigative skills in communicating entrepreneurial planning and decision-making

E. Understanding how Market impacts a business's objectives

F. Demonstrate how to apply enterprise tools and theories to a business environment

G. Demonstrate the relevance and importance of each of the core topics with in a business context

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