Unit 9 Tourist Destinations - level 4 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 9 Tourist Destinations

Level: level 4 in business

Task 1
1.1 Analysis of the main tourist-destinations for each country (UK and a world-wide country) and to research the main-generators in the world in terms of the income generation and visitor numbers.

1.2 Analysis of the statistics to determine the tourism-destination trends and also predict the future trends

Task 2
2.1 Analyse the physical, social and cultural features of the world-wide tourist Destination selected by explaining their appeal to the tourists

2.2 Comparison of the features of tourist-destination in a developing country and leading tourist-destinations.

Task 3
3.1 Comparison of the current appeal of leading tourist-destinations with that of the presently developing tourist-destinations.

3.2 Evaluation of how the characteristics of a tourist-destination affect its appeal.

Task 4
4.1 Analysis of the issues which affect the tourist destination popularity.

4.2 Potential for responsible tourism in order to enhance the host-community at the world-wide tourist destination selected.

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