Course Aims:

To provide students with the most current, and best available evidence on approaches to leadership effectiveness and development in organisations, enabling students to critically evaluate the validity and usefulness of these approaches;

To develop both functional knowledge and critical understanding of a number of key perspectives on human behaviour. These are explored within and across organisations, including examining the nature and processes of organising, leading and managing work-related activities;

To encourage students to reflect on their own leadership skills and develop insights to enhance their leadership, management and followership skills, within the context of contemporary organisational settings;

To foster the skills required to build effective and positive relationship, when working with leading and managing others.
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Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module students should be able to:

Explain and critically analyse core theories, principles and concepts of leadership and management

Evaluate a range of variables which impact on leadership effectiveness, such as gender, culture, organisational design and environment.

Display an advanced understanding of the role of leaders in ethically leading and managing change

Explain and critically analyse theories, principles and concepts applicable to the study of organisations/organisational behaviour and how these can be used in practice to enhance effectiveness and performance.

Demonstrate self-insight, reflexivity and analytical skills which will support their leadership / managerial development


There are 2 assessments for this course. All of the courses learning outcomes are assessed.

Assessment 1

The Assessments for the course include the following assessments, equivalent to 3,000 words.

Learning outcomes:
Assessment Question: 'Transactional leadership has no place in contemporary organisations' with reference to the academic literature, critically evaluate this statement.

Assessment 2

Assessment Question:

Discuss at least TWO examples of organisational behaviour and leadership that (a) support this statement and (b) challenge this statement (at least ONE for (a) and ONE for (b)). Reflect on your own leadership skills and experiences as a follower in a team when responding to the above statement.







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