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Qualification - ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Management

Unit Name - Research for Strategic Development

Level - Level 7

Unit Ref - M/615/2675

Unit Credits - 15 Credits

Assignment Title - Research for Strategic Development

Your research must achieve the learning outcomes at the standards provided. It must be related to a topic associated with strategic business development.

You must prepare a portfolio of evidence which includes all the work completed for the following Parts.

Part 1 - Formulate a Research Proposal
In this section of the portfolio you should:

» Consider and identify a valid area for research to support the strategic development of a business area
» Explain the aim, scope and objectives for a chosen area of research
» Formulate a specific research proposal
» Establish success criteria for the achievement of the research proposal
» Prepare a project plan that identifies key milestones and critical pathways.

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Part 2 Carry out the research using different research methodologies

In this section of the portfolio you need to:
» Complete a review of different literature sources identifying those which are most appropriate for your chosen area of research
» Use different research methodologies to gather data from primary and secondary sources. The data must be sufficient in order to ensure you can make valid conclusions

Part 3 - Presentation of Research Findings

In this section of the portfolio you must prepare a report that presents all of your research findings. This must be presented in an appropriate format for the target audience.

In the report, you must:

» Provide a comprehensive explanation of the purpose, methodologies, findings and recommendations.
» Reference all sources using a recognised system.
» Use the information you have collected to justify conclusions and recommendations.

Part 4 - Reflective Log

On completion of your research project, you are to prepare a reflective log which contains an evaluation of the skills you used while undertaking the research.

The reflective log must include:

» A review of your own skills using personal reflection and feedback.
» Recommendations on ways to improve your personal skills while undertaking research.

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