Purpose of this assignment

Internet Marketing Assignment will test learner's understanding of, and skills in, the use of the complex interactive digital media which comprise the tools of internet marketing.

Case study: Smart Restorations Limited

Contact: Leslie Mann, Managing Director

Location: London

Industry: Office Furniture

Annual revenue: Confidential

Number of employees: Confidential

Smart Restorations Limited is a small firm that specializes in buying and selling used and refurbished office furniture systems. In August 2014, as the nation was recovering from a recession, the company knew that it had to act quickly to position itself on the leading edge of the recovery. Smart Restorations knew that it could use the Internet to get its name out to customers that would be ready to buy when the economy picked up again.

After exploring options, the company has decided to consult with your firm True Search Marketing to improve their websites and conversion rate. Smart Restorations Limited's has an ambitious project to triple its sales figure over a two-year period and increase its exposure on the major search engines to among the highest in the industry.

With an ever-changing inventory, the company's marketing team recognized that print brochures would not have as much versatility as their web site, making internet marketing a major priority.

As the e-Marketing manager for True Search Marketing you have been given the brief and the Managing Director of Smart Restorations Limited has requested a meeting to discuss how your company can support its ambitions.

Part 1

You are required to prepare briefing notes for the meeting to;

  • Explain the elements of internet marketing
  • Evaluate the internet marketing mix
  • Compare internet marketing tools, eTools that will be used
  • Examine how the interactive order processing will work

Part 2
For your meeting with Leslie Mann the Managing Director of Smart Restorations Limited you will demonstrate how the internet can be used for promotion using digital marketing communications.

For the demonstration you will;

  • Prepare a briefing on the mechanics of search engine marketing - Your explanation should cover all or most of the following: definition, search engine optimisation, paid search engine marketing, landing pages, long tail concept, geo-targeting e.g. Google AdWords; opt in email and email marketing.
  • Write the copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter
  • Identify guidelines for best practice in online public relations and show how you would follow it for digital marketing communications
  • Demonstrate how Smart Restorations Limited can use new digital media communities' such as file-sharing sites, instant messaging (IM), chatrooms, discussion groups, blogs etc.

Part 3
Having agreed to the project brief from Smart Restorations Limited you will lead the marketing team to deliver on the brief.

Your tasks is to;

  • Conduct a secondary market research to gather data on customers' online shopping behaviour such as statistics
  • Design an online survey to collect data on ‘what encourages shoppers to buy online' (possible suggestions can be Google docs, Survey Monkey or Social media platforms)
  • Create a poster to demonstrate how the use of electronic customer relationship marketing can be used to manage and analyse customer interactions
  • Produce an outline for an internet marketing plan for Smart Restorations Limited. You do not need to write a full plan, only the framework to write the plan is required.
  • Create a short presentation on pay per click advertising. This could also be briefing notes.






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