Qualification - Higher National Diploma in Business (Level 5)

Unit Name - Business Systems

Unit Number - Unit 34

Unit Level - Level 5

Assignment Title - Business Systems Within Organisations

Learning Outcome 1: Apply a range of analytical tools and techniques to business systems.

Learning Outcome 2: Recommend improvements in organisational processes and systems.

Case Scenario:

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Company overview:

Huawei Investment & Holding Co Ltd (Huawei) is an information and communications technology (ICT) company that offers a wide range of enterprise and carrier products and is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The company was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei. Initially focused on manufacturing phone switches, Huawei has expanded its business to include building telecommunications networks, providing operational and consulting services and equipment to enterprises inside and outside of China, and manufacturing communications devices for the consumer market. Its operations are spread across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia- Pacific and the Americas.

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Effective organizations can produce products, deliver services as well as meet their objectives with minimal effort, expenditure or loss. It helps companies to devote additional money, increased costs and increase profitability of future research and development.In this regard, the following assignment is focused on the understanding of the application of analytical tools as well as strategies that are critical for improving the efficiency of business operations within an enterprise like Huawei.The assignment therefore draws credible recommendations on a number of factors important to address depending on an organization's current and future activities.


In your role of a Business Systems Analyst, you are expected to develop an evidence-based critical analysis of a business system and strategy, presenting recommendations to improve systems efficiency within an organisation. In addition, you are expected to support your arguments with substantial research, referring to the relevant resources wherever required, using Harvard referencing system.

Solution: Applying a selection of analytical tools and techniques for business systems

Usage of various techniques to check and improve the efficiency of Huawei's business systems

When standards evolve, emerging technologies arise and rivalry increases, the market for company changes continues to increase. Regular business process improvements (BPIs) are thereby an important way of improving Huawei continuously. Thereby, it is important to remember that business processes can sometimes be casual or structured and therefore can impact a variety of applications, including IT, workforce growth and learning and even service with consumers(Cao, 2017). Independent of the phase, Huawei should mainly strengthen the system for enhancing the organisational output through a framework. In this context, the following four phases are described in the Huawei business development cycle:

I. Identification of the Need for Change: The first move is to understand the need for change in the BPI system. A system analysis is a helpful way of identifying changes. Throughout the given business climate, the review should recognise real or future threats to Huawei.

II. Analysing Current Process: Huawei would have to evaluate existing market processes to develop the business processes attentively(Fu, Sun and Ghauri, 2018). This is critical as any business method will begin and end and thus allowing small adjustments to practical improvements could be beneficial.

III. Obtaining Support and Cooperation: The third step in the BPI cycle is to seek cooperation from senior managers. This might be the most important component of the system, because administrative help is imperatively important for progress of the company. They will clearly demonstrate the need to improve at this point and how the company will be impacted.

IV. Development of Improvement Strategy: The organisation must attempt to incorporate enhancement techniques after finishing the system assessment stage(Tao, De Cremer and Chunbo, 2016). Huawei should also analyse what measures are breached, why and how they can be strengthened, and what are economic and resource consequences.

In Huawei's corporate environment, the brand must continue to focus on its core competencies as well as render beneficial judgments', while maintaining its market inclinations but also the business model(Berning, 2019). The company must also note the legal system and data piracy allegations, and take measures to negate those.In addition, System Analysis and CATWOE Analysis based on the most recent BPI can prove to be valuable while increasing business system efficiency within Huawei.

System Analysis: It is a process in which statistics are collected and interpreted; difficulties are identified as well as a system is broken into multiple parts to recognise the obstacles in an adequate manner(Jing, ZHU and HUANG, 2018). System analysis is performed to study a system or its components to identify its targets, and thus can be most beneficial for Huawei. It is indeed a system-enhancing methodology that guarantees that all the system components are efficiently operating to achieve their objective.
CATWOE Analysis: CATWOE (Customer, Actor, Transformation, World-View, Owner and Environment) Analysis is a paradigm for comprehending the perspectives of shareholders as well as its influence on the straight line of corporate reform. Some of the fundamental reasons to maintain shareholder interactions would be to consider their opinions until presenting any decisions and adopting improvements. In that context, it is extremely important for the business change to uncover the direction which each stakeholder considers the organisation must take as well as the key players want to comprehend.

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Evaluating the performance of a range of techniques to monitor and improve the efficiency of business systems

For Huawei, recognition of the need for change is essential throughout the phase of business process improvement (BPI), primarily because the evaluation can highlight existing problems or potential hazards for the company. Huawei can take priority fields for business improvement from the audit report. Huawei also needs to examine how every procedure, along with assets as well as potential investors, affects its organisational processes(Berning, 2019).In addition, it is imperative to analyse the existing business processes mainly because it helps the brand in the identification of roadblocks, delays, procedures for reducing cost and much more.In the scope of the BPI, Huawei often needs to work with authorities and to seek support primarily as leadership recognises the need to implement efforts to make sure that they accept guidelines. When time and asset-intensive procedures can be strengthened, help from senior management is crucial(Fu, Sun and Ghauri, 2018). Finally, it is also necessary to develop an improvement strategy because it is a springboard to create objectives for organisational enhancement to respond to how the framework could be strengthened. Huawei is advised to set reasonable albeit observable targets that are aligned with its long term strategic priorities.

In order to investigate every element of the systems and processes, Huawei needs to carry out system analysis mainly with something like a view of identifying the risk factors and incorporating the factors that influence business profits. In the context of the different business statements, system analysis may affect the selling of its goods. Because it is a mechanism for problem-solving, system analysis could assist the brand to boost declining market share worldwide.CATWOE research, on the other hand, has always been important seeing as how the six components allow Huawei to establish a formal functional information framework(Tao, De Cremer and Chunbo, 2016). This takes into consideration the participants that profit from the market system's results, the stakeholders' positions in the production of tasks and operations and the core function that provides the user with products. CATWOE will also assist Huawei to understand why economic activity persists alongside comprehending the role played by stakeholders that could provoke paradigm shift and the restrictions imposed on business activity within the environment, such as lawsuits and privacy claims.

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Recommendation in regards to the improvements in the organizational system and process

Making efficient recommendations for the improvement of the existing business system to enhance the efficiency and quality of the organization

Huawei investment and Holding Co Ltd provides a wide range of carrier products and enterprises throughout the entire world. Basically, this company is encountered to manufacturing different phone switches, telecommunication networks and different communication devices (Chen, Park and Nakaoka, 2018). But, in this upgraded and competitive generation, Huawei needs to make some innovative and significant strategies for making better improvement into their existing business system in order to improve the efficiency and quality of their organisational products and services. Huawei can apply the following strategies to improve their organisational system and process.

Use of ICT for the enhancement of the business

Information and Communication Technology encompasses with all of the digital technologies that support the use of information by individual people, companies and organisations. It incorporates with all electronic products dealing with digital content (Modic and Damij, 2018). ICT moreover focuses on the storage, recovery and distribution of digital data. The use of ICT can provide different opportunities to the Huawei Co Ltd. Such as:

I. ICT supports business operations along with design, production, R&D, promotions and responses, as well as dissemination

II. The use of ICT can provide a better decision making system to the Huawei Co Ltd. Which allow the company to store analyse and share a bulk amount of data, through which the administrators could be able to determine the strength, opportunities and threats of the company and make proper decisions.

III. The efficient use of the ICT can provide a better customer service to the significant customers of the Huawei.

All these factors can help the Huawei Co Ltd to enhance their business as well as these can help the company to increase their financial performance.

Increment of the product quality: Huawei has to more improve the quality of their different enterprises, carrier and service products to get the attention of the customers in a vast way. The sub-brands of Huawei Co Ltd, such as Honor already got a sustainable position in the global market (Zheng, 2018). But, they have to encompass with more accommodations to make an effective competition with several competitors within the global market.

Strong data protection
As per the mentioned scenario the significant data protection becomes very essential for the Huawei Co Ltd. The Huawei can use the "Data Encryption policies", "data processing policies" and different "password and acceptable use policies" to protect their confidential data regarding the business (Modic and Damij, 2018). In this competitive generation is very crucial to protect the confidential data of an organization to prevent them from being copied.

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Representing the evaluation of the existing data infrastructure of an organization based on the evidence and reflecting different tangible recommendation for the improvement of the oragnisation.

According to The Economic Times (2019), the information vibrancy of India and China will make sure that, the both nations will take the next massive growth plunge into the future when it comes to their massive population. According to the analysts, the organization will soon be compelled to revoke the deployment of new equipment from its Huawei and Honor brands in India, waiting for the Chinese government to intervene in order to overcome the market problem with the U.S. government. Huawei can use different tangible strategies to improve the business process of their organization. Such as:

Business process re-engineering (BPR)
This method is used to increase the performance of an organization by re- designing the structure of the organization. It can be used to reduce the overloading pressure on a particular employee and provide a chance t o divide the work among different employees (The Economic Times, 2019). So it can be stated that the BPR is a process to re develop the organizational structure for the enhancement of the business of that organization.

Solving numerous problems through process improvement tools
The Huawei Co Ltd has to always be concerned about the internal problems of their organization. They can use different process improvement tools or techniques to solve the internal problems of their organization. They have to indentify the areas which need to be improved (Zhang, Rao and Feng, 2018). They have to concerned about the over workload of the employees as well as they have to motivate their employees to increase the productivity and quality of their organisation and its products.

Developing a critical analysis on a business system strategy based on an evidence and presenting different recommendation for the improvement of the system efficiency within an organization

According to the view point of The Economic Times (2019), information and communication technology helps management to connect with all the departments easily so management can operate the business centrally. The key administration of Heuwei is using upgraded Information communication system in order to access all the business information easily. It also improves the overall operational excellence as well as economic profitability. Implementation of upgraded technology and enterprise resource planning also provides the organization higher advantages in operating market but the key management also needs to use effective business strategies in order to improve the overall financial position as well as brand image of the company. Heuwei has se4veral competitors in the market so to get extra advantages and trigger the research development work the management needs to involve the key stake holders in decision making process.

As per the viewpoint of Zheng(2018), the management of this company needs to monitor the overall business process and measure the organizational performance and needs to do trend analysis to recognize the current position. Apart from that the managers of Heuwei needs gather feedback with a view to each and individual products and needs to develop the products based on customer requiems or current trends. This strategy will satisfy the customers that lead to improve organizational sales volume as well as financial position (Zhang, Rao and Feng, 2018). Training and development is vital for all the business entities for managing the business system strategies effectively so that the HR needs to measure the performance and identify the requiems of technical staffs and based on it HR manger will conduct training program to improve overall working excellence of the company.

Thus at the end of this overall study it can be stated that Huawei would be able to improve as well as develop their business system through different techniques which has already been discussed in this situation. These different techniques therefore could advance this entire business in an efficient manner. However on the other side, through CATWOE analysis as well as system analysis Huawei would be able to actually evaluate their efficacy of the business without any kind of constraints. This is important for the Business system analysts of this company to critically analyze every aspect of their operations with a proper recommendation that could support their whole strategy. If Huawei would be able to adopt these different techniques as well as proposed strategies they could easily success within business.

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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcome






LO3 Apply a range of analytical tools and techniques to business systems


P5 Apply a range of techniques to test and improve business systems efficiency within an organisation.


M3 Assess the effectiveness of applying a range of techniques to test and improve business systems efficiency






D2 Develop an evidence-




based critical analysis of a




business system strategy,










LO4 Recommend improvements in organisational processes and systems


P6 Make justified recommendations for improving existing business systems to enhance organisational efficiency and quality in


. M4 Present an evidence- based evaluation of an organisation's existing data infrastructure, making actionable and tangible recommendations

recommendations to improve systems efficiency within an organisation.


an organisational context.

for improvements


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