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  • Unit 1--- Business Environment Unit code--- Y/601/0546 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 2--- Managing Financial Resources and Decisions Unit code--- H/601/0548 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 3--- Organisations and Behaviour Unit code--- H/601/0551 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 4--- Marketing Principles Unit code--- F/601/0556 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 5--- Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business Unit code--- Y/601/0563 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 6--- Business Decision Making Unit code--- D/601/0578 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 7--- Business Strategy Unit code--- Y/505/8182 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 8--- Research Project Unit code--- K/601/0941 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 9--- Management Accounting--- Costing and Budgeting Unit code--- R/601/0836 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 10--- Financial Accounting and Reporting Unit code--- F/601/0864 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 11--- Financial Systems and Auditing Unit code--- J/601/0901 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 12--- Taxation Unit code--- Y/601/0904 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 13--- Personal and Professional Development Unit code--- T/601/0943 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 14--- Working with and Leading People Unit code--- M/601/0908 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 15--- Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Unit code--- J/601/0946 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 16--- Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information Unit code--- L/601/0950 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 17--- Marketing Intelligence Unit code--- K/601/0955 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 18--- Advertising and Promotion in Business Unit code--- J/601/1000 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 19--- Marketing Planning Unit code--- Y/601/1259 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 20--- Sales Planning and Operations Unit code--- Y/601/1261 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 21--- Human Resource Management Unit code--- K/601/1264 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 22--- Managing Human Resources Unit code--- F/601/1268 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 23--- Human Resources Development Unit code--- J/601/1269 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 24--- Employee Relations Unit code--- F/601/1271 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 25--- English Legal System Unit code--- R/601/1159 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 26--- Business Law Unit code--- R/601/1145 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 27--- Further Aspects of Contract and Tort Unit code--- Y/601/1132 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 28--- European Law Unit code--- K/601/1118 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 29--- The Internet and E-Business Unit code--- J/601/1109 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 30--- Internet Marketing Unit code--- D/601/1102 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 31--- E-Business Operations Unit code--- Y/601/1101 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 32--- Quality Management in Business Unit code--- R/601/1100 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 33--- Small Business Enterprise Unit code--- H/601/1098 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 34--- Operations Management in Business Unit code--- R/505/8181 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 35--- European Business Unit code--- F/601/1089 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 36--- Employment Law Unit code--- A/601/1088 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 37--- Company Law Unit code--- M/601/1069 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 38--- Business Events Management Unit code--- Y/601/1048 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 39--- Financial Investment Opportunities Unit code--- T/601/1042
  • Unit 40--- Business Work Experience Unit code--- T/601/1039
  • Unit 41--- Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management Unit code--- K/601/1037
  • Unit 42--- Project Management for Business Unit code--- H/601/1036 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 43--- Administrative Services Unit code--- L/601/1032 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 44--- Business Psychology Unit code--- F/601/1027 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 45--- Business Ethics Unit code--- M/601/1024 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 46--- Corporate Environmental and Social Management Unit code--- Y/601/1017
  • Unit 47--- Employability Skills Unit code--- A/601/0992 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 48--- Project Design Implementation and Evaluation Unit code--- L/601/0995
  • Unit 49--- Work-based Experience Unit code--- D/601/0998 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 50--- Management Accounting Unit code--- F/504/2624 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 51--- International Marketing Unit code--- R/602/6079 Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 52--- Exporting and Importing Documentation and Procedures Unit code--- T/602/6088
  • Unit 53--- Study and Communication Skills for Business Unit code--- A/505/5226
  • Unit 54--- Business Skills for Proposals and Pitches Unit code--- Y/505/5248
  • Unit 55--- Business Economics Unit code--- Y/506/2409 Assessment Tasks