Unit 14 Working with and Leading People - Level 5

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Unit 14 Working with and Leading People

Level 5

Task 1

1.1 Prepare a job description and a person specification (using the seven-point plan approach) for the HR administrator’s post, identifying the main duties/responsibilities and employment conditions.

1.2 Determine the legal and ethical considerations that will impact on the recruitment and selection process of the above post of HR Administrator.

1.3 Valuate your main responsibilities as the Human Resource Manager in the selection process for the post of HR Administrator.

1.4 Using the seven point plan approach to the persons specification in 1.1, evaluate 3 points that you will consider in short listening two suitable candidates for the posts of HR Administrator.

Task 2

2.1 Describe the skills and attributes for leadership needed for the post of HR Administrator.

2.2 Following a discussion with your team, you realise that some of them are confused about the terms leadership and management. In an email, explain the difference between leadership and management to your team, this explanation will be used as part of the induction process for the new staff.

2.3 Analyse the leadership styles that you, as the HR Manager, would use in both situations

2.4 Following the restricting of the organisation, you have noticed that the staff morale is low in your HR department. Describe three different methods that you will use to boost the morale of your team in order to help meet the short term objectives of your department.

Task 3

3.1 Based on the organisation you chose in task I, assess three benefits of team working for the new recruits within the chosen organisation.

3.2 Some trainees tend to learn better by example. Provide an example of when you have worked within a team as a leader and team member to complete a task or project.

3.3 Organisational changes have been made as a result of the recession. Identify three quantifiable and three qualitative factors that you would use to review the effectiveness of the new team in achieving organisational goals.

Task 4

4.1 As the HR Manager, write an email to your director explaining the factors that you would use in the planning, monitoring and assessment of work performance of the new trainee following the successful completion of their probation.

4.2 With the changes in technology and budget cuts, you are to plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of your staff before the end of the financial year.

4.3 Write an article for an in-house newsletter aimed at Directors, explaining how would evaluate the success of the assessment process.

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