Unit 7 Sustainable Tourism Development - level 4 in business

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Unit 7 Sustainable Tourism Development - level 4 in busines

Task 1:

P 1.1- Discuss how stakeholders can benefit from planning of tourism developments

P 1.2- Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of public/private sector tourism planning partnerships

Task 2:

P 2.1- Analyse features of tourism development planning at different levels for London Olympiad

P 2.2- Evaluate the significance of interactive planning systems and processes in tourism developments for London Olympiad

P 2.3- Evaluate different methods available to measure tourist Impact with reference to Olympiad

Task 3:

P 3.1- Justify the introduction of the concept of sustainability in tourism development with reference to London Olympiad

P 3.2- Analyse factors that may prevent/hinder STD for London Olympiad

P 3.3- Analyse different stages in planning for sustainability

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