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In the UK construction industry, it has been seen that work environments convey many sorts of dangers. Likewise, the specialists in the construction business face a wide range of dangers which for the most part implies higher danger than some other industries. Before beginning any new venture, wellbeing and security plan ought to be made to guarantee that the undertaking is solid and protected from beginning to end. The construction business requires a plan and the board for this reason. This will give a brief on what is needed for wellbeing and security in the construction business. In this report, it is crucial to comprehend the need of shielding wellbeing and security all through the development projects.

Table of Contents

  • Report
  • Introduction
  • Health and Safety legislation for on-site construction projects
  • Accidents and near misses in the UK Construction industry.
  • Real data on actual accidents and near misses in the UK.
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Logbook
  • Performance review
  • Project planning: Safeguarding health & safety in Morgan Sindall Group
  • Introduction
  • Aim
  • Goals
  • Timeline
  • Cost and cost planning
  • Resource and resource planning
  • Work plan
  • Project tracking
  • Conclusion
  • References

LO1 - Formulate a project that will provide a solution to an identified problem

Question: You have been tasked with undertaking a project and submitting a written report to the company board, which will inform the content of the above manual and contains the following;

I. briefly reviews and advises upon current H&S legislation that is relevant to on-site construction projects and how.

Health and Safety legislation for on-site construction projects

For work environment wellbeing and security in the UK, both the businesses and employees are legitimately capable. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is one of the significant commitments for on-location construction projects. This has a point-by-point set of rules which feature the obligations employees have to one another and businesses have to their workers and the general population. The business must guarantee that the representatives get satisfactory well-being and security preparation and are likewise educated regarding any dangers in the work environment (Dempsey et al., 2020). The preparation ought to be given to the worker assuming the construction work is done physically. This must be done under the Manual Handling in Construction regulation. The employees should be prepared in such a way that there is no danger to their own lives and the existence of some other individual chipping away at the site. Additionally, the employees should take an interest in important wellbeing and security preparing and give reports on pretty much all work environment dangers.

One more regulation in the wellbeing and security at the building destinations is the CDM guidelines which were first and foremost presented in 1994. To defend the wellbeing and security of all construction labourers was the fundamental point of this regulation. The latest CDM Regulations were delivered by the UK government in the year 2015 on the 6th of April. This is the norm for the construction business. This regulation gives detail on the rundown of steps that the organization ought to follow all through any development undertaking to oversee hazard. There are different duty holders in the undertaking like the specialists, creators, workers for hire, and surprisingly the customers. These obligation holders split the work between themselves (Oswald et al., 2019). This regulation divides the construction projects into three different phases which are listed below-

Pre-Construction Phase- Before beginning the work, it requires appropriate preparation and groundwork for the endeavour organization. In the pre-construction stage the plans, grants are prepared by the organization. Just as the essential arrangement is made for the venture to start the work. Likewise, the stage assists with social affair data on the assets and work required and recognizes risks that can happen later on.

Construction Phase- In this stage, the organization incorporates the period from when the work has begun to when the work is finished. It includes steps to wipe out or moderate the danger that can happen during the construction stage.

Post-construction Phase- In this last phase of the construction phase, all the actual work has been done by the labourers. The excess undertaking is being dealt with by the organization.

Before any construction work begins, the association genuinely must have a point-by-point plan drafted. This is finished by giving data in the document Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP). This gives data on the administration and issues of wellbeing and strength of the labourers that were previously or recently raised (Rantsatsiet al., 2021). This is the legitimate prerequisite for the association. Likewise, it is an obligatory record for any association regardless of its size and the span of the work. Likewise, it mirrors the extent of the undertaking in the most dependable way. This can be basic or muddled in light of the size of the association, little or huge activities. This record is ready by the worker for hire who is initiating the construction project. This includes-
• Scope of the Project
• Details of the people involved
• Day of commencement and finishing of the project
• Facilities provided to the on-site workers
• The risk that can occur during the construction phase.
• Risk mitigation methods.

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Summarises data gathered through secondary research on accidents and near misses in the UK Construction industry for a given year.

Accidents and near misses in the UK Construction industry.

According to the regulation in the wellbeing and security of the workers in the construction business, it is fundamental to survey and framework every one of the expected dangers. Accordingly, a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP) gives details of the dangers and perils (Sidaniet al., 2018). This gives exact identification of the danger and forms techniques for relieving the dangers of controlling the dangers. Besides, it is one of the most significant works in the construction business. As in the construction business of the UK, it has been seen that it faces the third-most noteworthy pace of fatalities among the labourers. Hence, the number of labourers who experienced non-lethal injuries was roughly around 65000.

In the construction industry, the most common risk is as follows-

Slips, trips, and falls- In the construction business, slip trips and falls are the main sources of wounds for employees (Costa et al., 2021). It has been concentrated on that the organizations need to confront this mishap consistently and cause colossal misfortunes. In this way, it is vital to prepare and spread mindfulness about such minor mix-ups and the repercussions that the business needs to confront.

Exposure to dust- The business must give data and prepare the employees in regards to the dangers that must be looked at while working with items creating silica dust. It has been seen that this dust mostly starts from rock, dirt, and sands. Additionally, these are essentially used to set up the tiles, blocks, or mortar. In the UK, it has been seen that very nearly a thousand deaths have happened in one year because of this hazard.

Noise- The business is mindful to shield the employees from the perils of commotion at the workplace. It has been explored that just about 16000 individuals in the UK have confronted the peril or lost their hearing capacity. The businesses need to draw decisions and guidelines that will line the degree of commotion uncovered while the construction stage.

Falls from a height- Working at height in the construction business is one of the significant perils looked at by the labourers. This is the single biggest reason behind the passing of labourers in the work environment and genuine wounds. It has been assessed that in the current year there were just about 3400 significant wounds and 45 deadly mishaps which implied the danger of heights.

Manual handling- It is assumed that this sort of work at the construction sites is innocuous. Without appropriate preparation, it can cause risks like musculoskeletal disorders (Msd's) (Watterson, 2020). This can straightforwardly influence the joints or muscles of the body. The wounds from manual taking care of at work were recorded around 115,000 in the UK development industry.

Asbestos exposure- Asbestos exposure has been concentrated on that delayed openness to asbestos can prompt sicknesses that cause hazards which is unsafe in the more extended run. Likewise, it has been noticed that in the UK the utilization and perils of asbestos have diminished. In the current year, it was expressed that it caused around 2000 passings among the workers.

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Gathers real data on actual accidents and near misses from a major construction project for a twelve month period.

Real data on actual accidents and near misses in the UK.

Accidents and risks

Company 1

Company 2

Company 3

Steps to mitigate risk

Slips, trips, and falls

750 workers

960 workers

349 workers

Preparing the employees, directors just as administrators. Likewise, spread mindfulness about the slip, excursions, and falls among the labourers.

Exposure to dust

200 workers

150 workers

800 workers

Decreasing the utilization of materials that produce silica dust (Horton et al., 2018). Teach the representatives to wear veils or cover their countenances to lessen the danger.


850 workers

650 workers

350 workers

The business should put down a boundary fair and square of noise made at the work environment to serve the employees.

Falls from a height

249 workers

300 workers

450 workers

The business ought to limit or decrease the stature at which the employees need to work. Utilization of the best hardware for individuals working at height.

Manual handling

950 workers

650 workers

448 workers

The responsibility on the labourers ought to be reduced by diminishing the leads (Ammadet al., 2021). Likewise, the business can lessen the distance which the worker needs to quantify or convey the heap.

Exposure to asbestos

200 workers

125 workers

139 workers

There should be severe guidelines that the labourers are not permitted to eat or savour the work environment. Likewise, the hardware utilized for individual security should be perfect and in great condition.

The above table depends on the information assembled while looking over the three construction organizations of the UK. Like on account of the primary organization it is seen that the most mishaps or risks that the labourers need to confront are a result of manual dealing with. Thus, the firm ought to take on different measures to deal with this mishap and decrease the dangers. The firm can diminish the responsibility of the specialists (Awadaet al., 2021). Additionally, the business can decrease the distance which the worker needs to gauge or convey the heap. On account of the second organization, the significant danger it is confronting is a result of the Slips, outings, and falls. It can moderate this by keeping the ground mess-free and clean. Additionally, there ought to be a legitimate showcase of the areas which are wet and should be dealt with. The third organization is confronting the most mishaps because of exposure to dust. It can alleviate this by utilizing the defensive kinds of hardware by the workers and covering their countenances to lessen the risks caused in the respiratory tracks.

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Provides an analysis of a questionnaire to construction site staff involved in a major construction project which establishes their level of awareness of their responsibilities to H & S on site and relates the findings to the two previous bullet points.

Question 1 Why is it important to safeguard the health and safety of the workers in the construction projects?

Based on the above survey it has been analyzed that it is important to safeguard the health and safety of the workers in the construction projects. It provides an enhancement in the business and also it is beneficial for both the employee and the employer to ensure health and safety at the workplace.

Question 2 Which health and safety legislation is relevant for construction projects?
Based on the above survey it has been analyzed that in the UK, the most relevant legislation for construction projects is CDM guidelines which were first and foremost presented in 1994 (Manu et al., 2021). Along with this, the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP) document is the most essential factor before the commencement of the construction work.

Question 3 What are the various risk in the on-site construction projects and strategies to mitigate the risk?
Based on the above survey it has been analyzed that in the on-site construction projects it is important to identify the risk. In the UK, it has been seen that the workers face the third-most noteworthy pace of fatalities in construction projects. The various risk that the workers have to face are slips, trips, and falls, exposure to dust, exposure to asbestos, noise, manual handling and falls from height. So, it is seen that the organizations need to make or plan various strategies to mitigate the risk. Such as spreading awareness among the employees and educating them.

Question 4 How level of awareness can be increased among workers regarding health and safety in on-site construction projects?
Based on the survey it has been analyzed that the level of awareness can be increased among the workers regarding health and safety in the on-site construction projects by providing training to the employees to use the equipment in a better way (Tassinariet al., 2020). There should be regular meetings held at the management level to ensure the safety and health of the working staff. The employer should convey the measures taken by the organization. Like the level of noise at the sites should not cross the limits or the employees should wear the personal protection kit while performing the jobs.

It can be concluded from the above report that it is very important for organizations to safeguard the health and safety of the employees at the on-osite construction projects. Also, there is various legislation by the government which ensures the safety of the people. The risk analysis on the previous year's data has helped the organization to plan strategies to mitigate the risk in the future. Also, by educating and spreading the awareness of health and safety the industry has reduced the risk or hazards faced by the workers in the construction industry.


Week 1 In the first week, being an assistant manager, it was vital to guarantee the wellbeing and security of the workers. In the UK, it was recorded that the construction business was confronting many harms because of risks and mishaps. Along these lines, the initial step was to recognize the risks and purposes behind mishaps that were going on in the on-location development projects. Likewise, the regulations, for example, The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, CDM Regulations, and the record Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP) were fundamental for the construction organizations to draft at the earlier stages.

Week 2 In the subsequent week, in the wake of drafting the archive and key preparation of the danger and peril the executives. It was critical to distinguish the danger that can happen while the venture is been completed. There were many sorts of hazards that were distinguished and which basically caused the risks. For example, Slips, excursions and falls, manual handling, exposure to asbestos, exposure to dust, a commotion in the working environment and falls at statures. After research, it was discovered that in the Uk, the development business nearly confronted 65000 perils because of these reasons.

Week 3 In the wake of recognizing the dangers and hazards, it was important to have research. Along these lines, the following stage was to accumulate data from somewhere around three unique organizations in the business. And keeping in mind that doing the overview it was seen that the organizations were confronting various kinds of dangers. The first organization was confronting the most mishaps from the manual handling of the work. Along these lines, the subsequent organization was confronting perils by Slips, excursions, and falls and the third organization was confronting a large portion of the damage or mishap by exposure to dust.

Week 4 In the wake of completing the review, it was important to likewise discover the methodologies to moderate the dangers. The firm can teach the workers, chiefs similarly as directors. In like manner, spread awareness about the slip, trips, and falls among the workers. Likewise, to bring down the danger of manual handling of the associations can lessen the obligation on the workers by decreasing the leads. Moreover, the business can reduce the distance which the specialist needs to measure or pass on the store. Likewise, to bring down the danger factor by exposure to dust the associations can diminish the usage of materials that produce silica dust. Likewise, train the workers to wear cloaks or cover their faces to diminish the risk.

Performance review

Being delegated as the Assistant Project Manager in the huge contracting firm, it was my obligation to distinguish and design legitimate systems to alleviate the danger. In construction organizations, the laborers face heaps of perils that were ignored by the associations. Along these lines, it was my obligation to have a legitimate timetable for arranging and carrying out the plans. Also, it was my duty to guarantee the security of the health and safety of the employees. The construction organization is a notable organization in the UK yet it intends to work on the improvement of the climate for the representatives and laborers. Initially, I was extremely anxious as I was the recently delegated individual for the task. In any case, as time elapsed, I acquired certainty and did my exploration and arranging. As an individual, I acquired information on better correspondence in the business. Additionally, doing studies requires cooperation and working in a cooperative way. It tends to be assessed that exclusively I had the option to work in cooperation and impart well. This prompted early distinguishing proof of hazard and systems. This project additionally gave information on the different regulations which the construction organizations need to follow. Moreover, these were the premise on which the enterprises work and it guaranteed that the work is isolated in the best way. Likewise, acquiring information about the regulation assisted me with following the ethic in the business.

As the associate undertaking manager, I had the option to inspire the employees to work in an unquestionable requirement powerful way and guarantee there are no setbacks. As the business was confronting many dangers it was seen that the workers could not believe the organizations in regards to the wellbeing and medical problems. Speaking with the workers and making a solid bond assisted me with acquiring the certainty of the representatives. Likewise, having sympathy towards the laborers and representatives assisted me with being a decent pioneer or supervisor in the venture. It was seen that while arranging the techniques there were many issues that must be looked at by the group and the workers. These resembled wearing of individual insurance unit or covering the face was a colossal issue. The workers could not inhale as expected so they confronted a great deal of opposition from the laborers. Along these lines, this requires considerably more nitty-gritty review and a better system which would be valuable for both the workers just as the business.

Project planning: Safeguarding health & safety in Morgan Sindall Group

Morgan Sindall Group is one of the leading construction companies in the UK. this is a public company that employs more than 6000 people in the whole country. This company is divided into five regions- building infrastructure and construction, affordable housing options, giving property services, fit-out, and urban regenerations. The headquarters of this company is in London. Being one of the most trusted companies in the construction industry the management team makes sure to ensure the safety and health of the employees at the workplace. Even it keeps continuous track of the ethics of the construction industry.


The aim of the Morgan Sindall Group in the construction industry is to have a sustainable position and have a most sought-after vision.

The main goal of this organization is
• To provide safety and well-being to the stakeholders whether it is the employees or the end-users of the product (Susilowatiet al., 2021).
• To ensure that the workplace is safe for the employees.
• To diminish the errors at the workplace by strategic planning.

These goals need proper management and awareness among the employees to be completed in the timeline. Therefore, the timeline set by the top level of management to reach the goals was six months of the financial year.
Cost and cost planning
The cost set by the organization was 50,000$ for improving the safety and health of the employees (Fewings and Henjewele, 2019). This cost is set as the predicted cost that has to be incurred by the company for hazards that can occur in the future. This cost required by the organization is for bringing in new and advanced technologies. also, better equipment for the workers at the on-site projects. so, it will also require hiring a more skilled and educated employee or even providing training to the employees.



Technology advancement


Human resources


Training to the employee's




Resource and resource planning

The resources required by the organization are better equipment, efficient human force. The company should implement the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the organization. This ensures the recruitment of the best-fit person for the specified job.

Work plan

Gantt chart




June- July

July - august

August - September

September- October 

October - November

November- December

Introduction- forming the ethics of safety and health









Identifying the legislations









Setting up the strategic plan









Identifying the risk and hazards









Formulating the mitigating strategies









Implementing the strategies









Monitoring the performance









From the above PERT chart, it can be analyzed that the time required to identify and strategize the methods needs a time duration of at least eight to nine months (Evdokimovet al., 2018). Also, it has helped to know the various cost or time that has to be invested to implement the strategies. The above chart helped to determine the resources required by the company for better performance.

From the above CPM chart, it can be analyzed that the important strategies are required to improve the safety and health of the employees and workers at the on-site construction projects (Shah, 2021). Also, the company can have flexible strategies which can be molded as per the situation. This chart also helped to identify the dependencies of the task and the time duration required.

Project tracking

Progress tracking- Progress tracking is a process that ensures continuous tracking of the performance of the working staff and employees in the workplace. This ensured that the work is done in the most efficient manner and there is less risk and harm caused to the workers (Jafarniaet al., 2018). In the construction industry, the Morgan Sindall Group ensured that the environment for the workers is safe. For this purpose, the management team or the project head decided to implement safety strategies. These were like decreasing the distance that the employees or workers have to cover while carrying the load. Also, the workers were given rewards who followed all the rules and regulations.

Milestones- Morgan Sindall Group achieved various milestones by implementing new strategies at the workplace. This ensured the financial growth of the company and also the company had a good brand image in the market. The number of employees facing hazards and risks the workplace decreased (Lock, 2020). Also, the stakeholders gained more trust in the company which provided a loyal customer base for the firm. The company was able to follow the ethics of legislation in the construction industry. Following the ethics and implementing the strategies led to the completion of work in much lesser time than any other project.

From the above report, it can be concluded that the companies that follow the ethics in the construction industry tend to gain a sustainable position in the market. This will also help to build a relationship with the employees and gain their trust. So, it is important to safeguard the health and safety of the employees.

FAQ on Health & Safety (H&S) Legislation and Practices in Construction

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Q: How does CDM 2015 ensure H&S on-site?
Q: How frequent are accidents and near misses in the UK construction industry?
Q: What are the most common types of accidents and near misses in construction?
Q: How can I collect data on accidents and near misses during a construction project?
Q: What information should be included in an incident report?
Q: Why is it crucial to assess staff awareness of H&S responsibilities?
Q: How can the analysis of a staff awareness questionnaire be used to improve safety practices?

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