Review the issues involved in strategic planning

Unit 7 Business Strategy- Mulberry Group PLC Assignment Help - Unit 7 Business Strategy Mulberry Group PLC - level 5 diploma in business
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Unit 7 Business Strategy- Mulberry Group PLC

Level 5

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Task 1

P1.1 - Explain strategic contexts and terminology – missions, visions, objectives, goals, and core competencies with reference to Mulberry or any other organisation of your choice.

P1.2 -Review the issues involved in strategic planning with reference to Mulberry or any other organisation of your choice.

P1.3 - Explain different planning techniques such as BCG growth-share matrix; directional policy matrices; SPACE, PIMS using examples from Mulberry or any other organisation(s) of your choice.

Task 4

P4.1 Compare the roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation at Mulberry

P4.2 Evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for Mulberry

P4.3 Discuss targets and timescales for achievement at Mulberry to monitor a given strategy

Level 5 of your Diploma in Business takes you behind the scenes of a prestigious British icon: Mulberry Group PLC. Unit 7 throws you into the strategic vortex, challenging you to dissect and assess the very blueprints that drive Mulberry's success.

Delving Deep into Luxury:

Brand DNA Decoded: Unravel the threads of Mulberry's heritage, craftsmanship, and brand positioning. Understand how they stand out in the fiercely competitive luxury goods market.
Market Mapping: Analyze the landscape of Mulberry's key competitors, target markets, and evolving consumer preferences. Identify opportunities and potential threats.
Growth Strategies Examined: Scrutinize Mulberry's current strategic pillars - omni-channel distribution, international development, innovation, and sustainability. Evaluate their effectiveness and potential for optimization.

Steering the Mulberry Ship:

Financial Acumen: Analyze Mulberry's financial performance, interpreting key metrics like revenue, profitability, and key financial ratios. Assess their strengths and weaknesses in navigating economic fluctuations.
Decision-Making Dilemmas: Face real-world case studies, grappling with strategic choices like new product launches, expansion into new markets, or managing partnerships. Hone your critical thinking and analytical skills.
Futureproofing Mulberry: Explore emerging trends in the luxury market - digitalization, ethical sourcing, circular economy - and propose innovative strategies to ensure Mulberry's long-term competitiveness.

Beyond the Balance Sheet:

Leadership and Governance: Evaluate Mulberry's leadership structure and corporate governance practices. Consider how they contribute to strategic clarity and effective decision-making.
Ethical Dilemmas: Examine the ethical implications of Mulberry's supply chain, materials, and labor practices. Understand the growing importance of transparency and ethical consumerism in the luxury market.
The Mulberry Touch: Explore the intangible facets of Mulberry's success - brand storytelling, customer experience, and emotional connection. Understand how these elements contribute to building brand loyalty and advocacy.

Unit 7 isn't just about crunching numbers and dissecting spreadsheets. It's about understanding the complex tapestry of factors that define Mulberry's success. By navigating these intricate threads, you'll emerge not just as a business strategist, but as a keen observer of the luxury market and its evolving dynamics.

So, prepare to delve into the world of Mulberry - a world where heritage meets innovation, where financial acumen dances with brand storytelling, and where every strategic decision shapes the future of a British luxury icon.

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