Unit 44 Business Psychology - Level 5

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Unit 44 Business Psychology

Level 5


Understand the different perspectives in Occupational Psychology

a) Give a short explanation of each of the three approaches and then, for each one separately, explain how it might be used as a means of starting to change the situation that currently exists at Swan-Cooper.

b) Make an assessment of the usefulness of a scientific approach in investigating the behaviour of the work force at Swan Cooper now that the new management has decided to make such big changes.

c) Make an assessment (evaluation) of the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative and qualitative approaches to understanding the situation in the company.


Understand the role of psychology in the assessment of individual differences in the workplace.

a) Describe two kinds of assessable individual differences and explain how these might be used in choosing workers for the new teams at Swan-Cooper.

b) Suggest two types of psychometric instruments that might be used in this situation and make an assessment of the likely usefulness of each of them with reference to their reliability and validity.

c) Choose any two types of measures of individual difference and make justified recommendations for how these might be used in making decisions regarding the size and composition of the new teams at Swan Cooper.


Be able to apply knowledge of impact of change in Business.

a) Explain the workforce’s reaction to the changes taking place at Swan Cooper

b) Using John Kotter’s 8-Step process of change explain exactly how you will implement the changes that are planned for Swan Cooper.

c) Explain and justify exactly what you will do to achieve attitude change in each of those three groups.


Understand the impact of culture and climate on performance.

a) Contrast the type of culture evident in the original Swan Cooper with the type the new owners clearly want to develop. Explain how each is likely to influence the company’s performance in ways both positive and negative.

b) Evaluate the climate for the rope makers on the shop floor before and after the change in ownership.

c) Make recommendations for improving the performance of the rope makers on the shop floor through consciously making use of the new culture and company structure.

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