Unit 11 Conflicts of Globalization in Organizations - level 5

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Diploma in Business - Unit 11 Research Project - level 5

Conflicts of Globalization in Organizations

1.1 Formulate and record of possible research project outline specifications

1.2 Identify factors that contribute to the process of research project selection and factors that motivated your choice of topic for research

1.3 Provide an initial review of the literature on your topic of choice

1.4 Produce a research project specification (Research question(s))

1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification (e.g. a Gantt chart).

2.1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis.

2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

2.3 Record and collate relevant data where appropriate

3.1 a description of methods you will use to analyse the data collected

3.2 An analysis of the data and an interpretation of results in terms of the original research specification

3.3 Recommendations and justifications of areas for further consideration

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