Market Research Assignment

Qualification - BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit number and title - Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence

QFC Level - Level 4

LO1: Understand Buyer Behaviour and the Purchase Decision-Making Process

Q1.1 Using an example of your choice, describe the main stages that an individual customer goes through when making a purchase. (i.e. business -to-consumer decision making process).

A description of the need recognition or perception stage, information search stage, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision stage and the post purchase evaluation stage for the individual consumer.

Q1.2. Identify two theories of buyer behaviour in terms of individuals and markets and explain them in a context of an organisation of your choice.

A description or definition from reputable source of buyer behaviour
Identification of two theories of buyer behaviour
An explanation of these two theories of buyer behaviour
Citations, which should be made using Harvard referencing style

Q1.3 Explain how a customer's culture and personal factors could affect or influence their buying behaviour for a product of your choice.

Describe cultural and personal factors that influence buying behaviour
Explanation of cultural and personal factors in the context of buying behaviour
Examples to help explain these 2 factors should be provided.

Q1.4 For an organisation of your choice, evaluate the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchase.

Select an organisation you are familiar with and that has a brand or brands.
Provide a description of a brand and brand loyalty, giving examples using the selected organisation.
A description of corporate image and repeat purchase in the context of your chosen organisation.
An evaluation of how brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchase relates with each other in the context of your chosen organisation.

LO2 Be Able to Use Marketing Research Techniques

Q2.1 Evaluate quantitative and qualitative market research techniques.

A description of market research
Identification of the role and importance of marketing Intelligence
Evaluation of quantitative research technique(s), giving examples advantages and disadvantages.
Evaluation of qualitative research technique(s), giving examples advantages and disadvantages.

Q2.2 Explain how secondary sources of data can be used to achieve marketing research objectives in the marketing context stated below:

An international shipping company that wants to set up base in the UK to facilitate export of UK products to Australia and Australian products to UK.
Define or describe secondary data
Identify sources of secondary data for this shipping company
Show how it could use sources of secondary data to provide it with a good insight into the UK market for it shipping services.

Q2.3 Assess the validity and reliability of market research findings.

An assessment of the limitations of market research findings
An assessment of what could make market research findings valid
An assessment of what could make market research findings reliable

Q2.4 Assume you work as the Marketing Executive in an organisation of your choice which would like to find out the viability of launching a new product in the UK market.

The senior management team has decided to conduct secondary and primary, qualitative and quantitative research in the market.
You have been given the responsibility of conducting this research for this organisation. The senior management team is willing to spend a maximum of £50,000 for this project but would like to see how you plan to do it.
Propose a marketing research plan to obtain information in the area.

A brief background of this context
Rationale (briefly)
Objective of research (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed)
Methodology section covering among others, secondary and primary, qualitative and quantitative techniques
How you plan to analyse the data
Timeframe within which you will be able to complete this research
A budget section for this research. Do not exceed the £50,000 budget.

LO3: Be Able to Assess Market Size and Future Demand

Q3.1 You have recently been appointed as the marketing executive for an organisation that manufactures mobility product, targeting older people (over 65 years old) with mobility problems in Europe.

The directors of this organisation want to penetrate the UK market for the first time. You have been given the responsibility of assessing the size of and the trends in this market.

A description of what a ‘market consists of.'
Description of this mobility market.
Due to time constrains, you are advised to focus on the UK market only.
An estimation of this market's size, volume and /or value.
A description and assessment of this market's trends.

Q3.2 Based on the scenario used in Q3.1 above, explain how you would plan and carry out a competitor analysis.

A description of competitor analysis
Description of strategic group and what would determine your organisation's strategic group.
An identification of the strategic group your chosen organisation belongs to
Identification of your chosen organisation's likely competitors
Plan and carry out analysis of your chosen organisation's competitors.

Q3.3 Based on the scenario in Q3.1 above, discuss how you would evaluate its potential opportunities and threats in the UK market.

A description of the UK market for mobility products.
A description of the tools which can be used to assess opportunities and threats for a given market.
An evaluation of the opportunities and threats in the U.K market for this organisation's mobility products.

LO 4: Be Able to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Q4.1 Discuss evaluation techniques for assessing customer response.

Identification of evaluation techniques
An evaluation of how the identified techniques can be used in assessing customer response
A description of the advantages, disadvantages and constrains of the identified techniques.

Q4.2 For an organisation of your choice, design a questionnaire which can be used to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Your questionnaire should contain a minimum of ten appropriate questions.

Design the customer satisfaction survey
Generate questions that can produce both quantitative and qualitative data
Include different question formats (for example yes/no, open ended, multiple choice, scales, etc)
Survey monkey can be used to help design customer satisfaction survey.

Q4.3 For the organisation you used in Q4.2 above and the questionnaire you designed, explain how you would review the success of the completed customer satisfaction survey.

An explanation of how completed questionnaires can be reviewed.
An explanation of how success can be measured.







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