Different types of market research techniques

Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence Assignment Help - Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence - level 4 diploma in business
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Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence - level 4 diploma in business

Level 4

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Task 2

Question 1: Evaluate different types of market research techniques and prepare a marketing research plan to obtain information in the scenario above.

Question 2: Evaluate techniques that you will use to assess customer response.

Primary data: Design and complete a customer satisfaction survey for the scenario above and review the success of a completed survey.

Assess the validity and reliability of your market research findings.

Task 3

Question 1: Carry out an assessment of market size trends within a selected market of your choice.

Question 2: Describe the plan, and carry out a competitor analysis for Nokia.

Question 3: Using the selected organization above, evaluate the opportunities and threats for a given product or service.

Students would need to discuss the different sources of marketing intelligence that could be used to gather information about potential customers, competitors, and the market environment. They would also need to explain how this information could be used to develop a new product that meets the needs of target customers and is competitive in the marketplace.

Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence assignment help can be a valuable resource for students who are studying business. By understanding the principles of marketing intelligence, students can make better decisions about how to market their products and services.

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