Qualification - Higher National Diploma in Computing

Unit Name - Programming

Unit Number - Unit 1

Learning Outcome 1: Explain the characteristics of procedural, object-orientated and event-driven programming, conduct an analysis of a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Assignment Brief:

The research and development team you work with have been tasked with further investigation into how best to build more efficient, secure software. You have been asked to look into programming paradigms and the advantages and disadvantages of using different programming language approaches.

You will need to create a report covering findings from research into the characteristics of different programming paradigms - procedural, object-orientated and event-driven programming.

Your report should include an explanation of each paradigm, an analysis of suitable IDEs, and an evaluation of source code that would be generated for an application.

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IDE stands for integrated development environment, and this software works as a tool for programming. By the use of this software we can wrote or test any software.Now a days for developer there many tools are available which always the user to create codes, building and testing any codes.Any developing toll in market includes text editor, code libraries for most of the programming language, compiler and at last test platform, which allow the user check their codes is running or not.If we don't user a IDE tools then user have to perform each task individually which is a time taking process for any one. If we use IDE for coding or implantation the our work become easy because IDE brings many development related tools together for their user so that their work become easy and can be complete in less time. This integrated toolset is designed for simplifying the software development work and time effective. In market there so many IDEs are there like Net Beans, Eclipse.cloud9 IDE and may more. As per the user requirement these IDEs can be used.

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There are many features in IDE which we are going to discuss in this section. As we all know IDE is integrated tools for software development so it includes most of the tools which are used in developing parts. The features are discussed below:
1) IDE is consists of code editor, a compiler and debugger for full solution of software development. All these tools can be accessed through single graphical user interface which is easy for the user.
2) In IDE we can write code in code editor, then compiler translates the source code in binary language which is readable to the computer and at last debugger will execute the result.
3) It have different features like programmable editor that is used for writing codes in different language and object and data models which show all the object of source code in a diagram.
4) It is like word processor toolbar.
5) In IDEs, the tool bar consists of color-based organization, source coding formatting facility. So if you want to format your source code then you can do it.
6) It also has error detecting tool which is used when we have written any wrong code or spelling of any keyword in your source code.
7) It can be used by single or user or a team for developing and compiling the source code.
8) It is integrated with third party libraries like GitHub and Apaches.
9) It also support MDD i.e. Model driven development, which is used for creating any model when you are starting the code and the it debug and test the model with high level automation in the code.
10) Once are done with your coding then you can save the codes for further work and can test you code outside the IDE.

By the use of IDE the productivity of software developer increases because it makes the developer quite easy and les time taking. And he can easily standardize across the tool as per his requirement. If a developer is not using any IDE then he have to spend most of the time deciding which tools should be used for various task like code editing, compiling, testing and many more. In IDE most of the tools for dev.-test is included or you include by adding plugins in the software and learn how to use it .It is designed with all tools under one user interface so that user work will be very easy.

Types of IBE and available Tools

In the market there are variety of IDEs which be used as per the user requirements .For example if a user want to design a software on IOS platform then he have to use the IDE which support Apple's Swift programming language. In the market there different types of IDE from cloud based to web based even mobile application IDE are available in the market which be used by the user. Here we are going to discuss few of them like web based IDE, cloud based IDE and many More.

Web-based IDEs are used for designing web based application in HTML, PHP, Ajax or similar languages. IDEs like visual studio, Net Beans are the example which can be used for designing this type of application because it integrated with all these language syntax and debugging tools.

Cloud based IDEs are integrated with all software which require to develop any cloud base application. By use of these IDE we can design compliable application which can run anywhere in this world. Software like Cloud9 support 40 different language to create any applications .Languages it support are C+=,C ,Java ,PHP and many more and it also includes it debuggers to run the codes with any hurdles.

An IDE for mobile development applications are intend with both the platform i.e. IOS and Android. For example Xamarin which is cross-platform IDE, which can be used for designing any type of application as per the user requirements. It also offer UI test for any mobile based application.

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Procedural programming
Through IDE we can design any programming language like Object oriented language or procedural programming language. Here we are going to discuss about procedural programming. As we per the name procedural means related way of doing something ,so this language is defined as subtype of imperative programing language which used for designing codes on the bases of procedural calls. In this language statements are structured with procedural calls. Procedural programming is consisting of one or more modules and each module are part of one or more subprograms. All these modules are consisting of function, procedure, or methods; all these depend on the programming language we are using. This programming language is consisting of multiple levels of different subprogram.


An example of procedural programming in C++:

The benefits of use procedural programing language are as follows:
» It is easy to read and maintain.
» Procedural programing is flexible programming language.
» It give chance to practice good program design.
» It allows user to use modules again and again.

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Object oriented programming

Here we will discuss about Object oriented programming language which an extension programing to procedural program. This programing language works on object which makes the main difference from all other programming languages. It work on individual unit i.e. object in any program, For example bike is like object which get us to Point x to point z, with knowing the other details like engine ,fuel type and anything else, just give instruction to the bike driver he will follow it, In this way object oriented language works. Now we discuss about OOPS concepts like object, classes, inheritance and many more.

Object is a run time entity, which is consist of member and methods. Methods explains the action related to the object .Object are integrated part of any class which define user data types.


class student
char name[20];
int id;
int main()

Student s1; //s1 is an object}

Classes are the main part of any code i.e. blue print which consists of data and method. It doesn't allow any space in between.
Syntax of class:

//data members and member functions declarations
//data members and member functions declarations
//data members and member functions declarations

Inheritance is used to describe relation between two classes with their objects. In which main class is called parent class and subclass is called child class.

Access Control

When we write any programming language we have to define the classes in it and it will work as insisters for any method .When we write any new class then we have define the methods in it .We can call the member as public or private what it means we will discuss it here in this section .We will define the meaning public and privet class.

Public class can be assessable anywhere which include with other class where as private member cam only access in class it is defined. That means if we bus public in any member the it will be assessable in any class in whole program but it we defined member as private then it was assessable only for that particular class in the whole program.

In the example the class contain public member so it access the title value anywhere in the program, where as in second example the class contain private member variable, title of data type string which can be assessed within the class.

IDE Representation

In access control section we discuss about all the concept of methodswhich are used creating any code, when we create code in IDE then most of the parts are already done by the tools from the help of library. In IDE we have to create project and choose the languagefrom the option like if we are using Net Beanthen we have to click on new project the chose the programing language we are going to use like PHP, Java and many more .In the below there are many language to be choose for your software development for example we have chosenPHP then we will proceed with itand basic code of PHP will be included in index.php later on we can change the codes as per the user requirement.

After creating the project we can add folder for different language like in you want to include database script in individual folder is created and you can add the codesthere. You can also add pages for in the main file .For example if you are designing website then there more one page in it like index.php, service.php, contact.php and many you can add as much as you want. We can easily established database connect in IDEs. All these steps are very easy when we use IDE for designing any software. IDEs are having many more features which can be learned after using it and writing codes in the software. For new developer we recommend then to use ODEs for their coding so that it will be easy for them to learn the new things and execute their codes error free. And if you use IDEs the time consumption will so decrease as compare if he is not using it.

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This project is about integrated development environment which include the introduction of the IDE how to use it and all benefit of it.After discussing all the points we can say for software development IDE must be used for saving time .Because after the use of IDE most of time of developer will be saved. It is an award for any developer to use Ide for software development. This software can be used by average coder and he can learn different programming language through this .All the previous codes will be saved in separate file and can be used in future .This software will provide the test result of the codes executed the developer at a time and easy to locate any coding error based on the codes written by him. In this user interface most of the tools are included which we have discussed in the report you can go through it and understand the basic requirement .Here we have also discussed about programming languages which are used now a days like procedural programing language and object oriented programming languages. All the OOPS concepts are also discussed here.







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria







LO2 Explain the characteristics of procedural, object-orientated and event-driven programming, conduct an analysis of a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

P2 Give explanations of what procedural, object-orientated and event-driven paradigms are; their characteristics and the relationship between them.

M2 Analyse the common features that a developer has access to in an IDE.

D2 Critically evaluate the source code of an application which implements the programming paradigms, in terms of the code structure and characteristics.

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