Unit 32 Issues in Business Strategy - level 5 in business

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Unit 32 Business Strategy - level 5 in business

Issues in Business Strateg

Task 1- Understand the process of strategic planning

1.1 Strategic planning process

1.2 Role of strategy and issues in Strategic Planning

1.3 Strategic positioning technique

Task 2 - Be able to formulate a new strategy

2.1 Organizational audit in the company

2.2 Environmental audit

2.3 The significance of stakeholder analysis

Task 3: understand approaches to strategy evaluation and selection

3.1 Differences between Vertical Integration AND Horizontal integration when used by managers as a substantive growth strategies.

3.2 Market entry strategy for the organization

Task 4: understand how to implement a chosen strategy

4.1 Strategy implementation

4.2 A Gantt charts a proposed timeline for the selected strategy

4.3 Steps in the implementation of the strategy

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