Describe the extent to which Primark meets

Unit 1 Business Environment Organisation Types Assignment Help - Unit 1 Business Environment Organisation Types - Level 5 Diploma In Business
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Unit 1 Business Environment Organisation Types - Level 5 (Diploma In Business)

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Task 1 - Case study

Question 1 Identify what type of organisation is Primark and discuss its purpose. In addition identify and discuss the purpose of one organisation within the following categories;

Question 2 Describe the extent to which Primark meets the objectives of its different stakeholders

Question 3 Explain the responsibilities of Primark as an organisation and the strategies employed to meet them

Task 2 - Individual questions

Question 1 Different countries operate different economic systems to attempt to allocate resources effectively. Research and explain the type of system operated in the following countries and reasons why you think they follow these systems.

Question 2 In the UK the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Bank of England plays a significant role in regulating the economy. The tools used by them are referred to as Fiscal and Monetary policies respectively.

Question 3 Competition is an essential element in the efficient working of markets. However businesses are of different sizes and that can create unfair competition. In the UK as in other European nations Competition policies are used to encourage and improve the competitive process, and to ensure consumers feel the benefits of that process.

Task 3 - Essay

Task 4 - Objective report


Importance of international trade to the UK business organisations

Impact of global factors on UK business organisations

Impact of the policies of the European Union on UK business organisations

The business environment refers to the internal and external factors that affect an organization's operations. Businesses have to constantly monitor and understand the environment changes in order to adapt their strategies. It includes the microenvironment(internal organizational factors), and the macroenvironment(external factors beyond the control of the company).

A comprehensive guide designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to analyze the characteristics of the business environment and its impact on organizations. They will identify the different types of businesses, discuss the role of stakeholders, and explain the challenges facing multinational enterprises.

Here are some of the topics covered in the assignment help:

  • The purpose of different types of organizations
  • The relationship between business and society
  • The impact of globalization on businesses
  • The challenges and opportunities of operating in a multicultural environment
  • The ethical responsibilities of businesses

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