Carry out organisational auditing

Unit 19 Marketing Planning - Superdrugs Store Plc Assignment Help - Unit 19 Marketing Planning - Superdrugs Store Plc - Level 4 (Diploma In Business)
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Unit 19 Marketing Planning - Superdrugs Store Plc - Level 4 (Diploma In Business)

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Task 1

Produce a report that addresses the following AC`s

SWOT Analysis for SuperdrugsPlc:

PEST Analysis:

Uniqueness of Superdrug Plc Baby Oil:

Examine techniques for organisational auditing:

Carry out organisational auditing:

Assess the main barriers to marketing planning:

Implementation of STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) can have its biggest effect over cutting down the barriers which an organization may come up in its longest run.

Task 2:

Carry out organisational auditing and analysis of external factors using PEST or SWOT or Porter's Five Forces

Unit 19 Marketing Planning Assignment Help, Level 4 Diploma In Business covers the process of developing a marketing plan. This unit discusses the steps involved in marketing planning, including:

  • Situational analysis - This step involves assessing the internal and external environment of the business.
  • Marketing objectives - This step involves setting specific goals for the marketing plan.
  • Marketing strategies - This step involves developing strategies to achieve the marketing objectives.
  • Marketing tactics - This step involves implementing the marketing strategies.
  • Evaluation and control - This step involves monitoring the results of the marketing plan and making necessary adjustments.

This unit is important for business students to understand as it can help them to develop effective marketing plans for their businesses. By understanding the process of marketing planning, students can create plans that are aligned with the business goals and that help to achieve a competitive advantage.

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