Formation of valid contract

Unit 5 ACNB Contract Formation Assignment Help - Unit 5 ACNB Contract Formation - Level 4 Diploma in Business
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Unit 5 ACNB Contract Formation - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)

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Task 1

LO 1.1 Formation of valid contract

LO 1.2:

Face to face:

Written contract:

Distance selling (telephone, internet):

LO 1.3:



In-nominate terms:

Exemption clauses (including legality):

Task 2

LO 2.1

Case 1 - Agreement

Case 2 - Consideration

LO 2.2

Case 3 - Exclusion clause

Case 4 - Implied term

LO 2.3

Case 5: Ordinary terms in law

Case 6: Distinguished between condition and warranty are in-nominate term

Task 3

LO 3.1: Various similarities and differences that exist amid the liability in tort

LO 3.2: Civil law and the criminal law

LO 3.3: Relationship amid a master/employer and the employee/servant

Task 4

LO 4.1

Case 7

The law of negligence is applicable.

LO 4.2

Case 8: Vicarious liability amid employer and the employee

Case 9: Mr Jones Case

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