Level 3 Award in Education and Training - AET (Formerly PTTLS) with Official Exam Overview

This Pearson BTEC Certification in Education and Training (Formerly PTLLS) is critical for those wishing to venture into teaching career. Initially, the course was known as PTLLS. Basically, the Pearson BTEC course is a short one whose aim is to enable a diversity of students to familiarize themselves in regard to roles and responsibilities associated with teaching, learning or training. New comers in this field are much welcome, as well as those wishing to move future in the education sector. Moreover, the learning process is flexible enough including work-based learning, community, adult learning arrangement, part time and full time arrangements. 

The key tenets of this course are to explore the roles, duties and responsibilities of an educator. With consideration on the essentiality of a teacher understanding and using the most appropriate approach in specific settings, this course introduces to the learner different teaching and learning styles to assist the teacher understand appropriate styles to use in a given context. Students will as well be taught on session and schemes of work planning in advance, making the lessons engaging, assessment processes, and student motivations.

At the end of the training session, students will be required to take part in microteaching, which is meant to enable tutors assess their skills and knowledge in teaching as well as gauge areas where the student  may need further development.


Level 3 Award in Education and Training


Course description:

Type of Qualification: BTEC Specialist

Title of Qualification : Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certification in Education and Training

Level: Level 3

Accreditation status: Accredited

Guided Learning Hours (GLH): Approximately 48

Credits: 12

Total Qualification Time (TQT): Approximately 120

Qualification number (QN): 601/0685/2

Availability: UK and international

What skills will I gain?

  • This course seeks to address the diverse needs of trainee teachers. These include;
  • Persons who  not ventured into teaching or training yet 
  • Persons who are already in the teaching sector including newcomers  
  • Persons presently working as assessors who wish to  attain a qualification teaching
  • Learners who have completed this course will have an opportunity to
  • Develop the necessary knowledge and skills in the teaching and learning profession  
  • Attain a  Level 3 qualification which is nationally recognized
  • Experience personal growth and teaching in the field of teaching and learning.
  • Assessment Methods
  • Students are expected to complete
  • A minimum three written assignments
  • One microteaching session ( this can be submitted as a recorded video)

Students are required to submit their assignments through the online portal within four months after commencing the course.  

Awarding body

Pearson BTEC is one of the leading companies globally which provide high quality educational services. This institution takes pride in learning as one of the key measures in improving an individual's opportunities. Moreover, this firm continually strives to improve the quality of services for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of all learners. In collaboration with other leading institutions, Pearson has endeavored to provide quality curricular, content, training and assessment. A qualification from this institution will definitely improve the  candidate's employability in the job marketability.

Tutor Support

Our college offers tutor support during the entire duration of the course. We do comprehend the role of tutor guidance in the general success of the student in this course and as such, a committed tutor will be assigned to take you through. Plenty of assistance including resources, answers to queries or any other information will be sent through email and chat options. 

What Certification am I going to receive?

Upon successful passing of the assessment, the student will be awarded a Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certification in Education and Training


Interested students have to be 19 or above and need to have basic knowledge in English Language, math, ICT and  literacy.

You will be required to fill in a duly completed application form issued by the institution. The filling of the form should be done within one month of being enrolled with us. Besides, the candidate needs to have.

A copy of the identification document such as, national ID, passport or driving licence.

Career path

Students who have acquired the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certification in Education and Training are able to move to the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training or alternatively to the Pearson BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and. Besides, you can be employed as a teaching assistant whereby in UK, the average salary in such a position is £12,022.

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