Qualification - Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher Nationals Diploma In Business

Unit Name - Managing a Successful Business Project

Unit Number - Unit 6

Unit Code - HB405

Unit Level - Level 5

Assignment Title - Talent Management

Learning Outcome 1: Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme;

Learning Outcome 2: Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project;

Learning Outcome 3: Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis;

Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organizational performance.

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What are the key drivers influencing digital workplace transformation?

Transformation of the Workplace

The main aim of the assignment is to develop a business project plan on implementation of the digital workplace environment in New Look organization. The research discussed about the successful business project of implementing digital transformation in managing New Look Enterprise. The project signifies the culture of workplace in United Kingdom about their environmental factor, workplace enhancement, globalization of workplace, and technology implementation in organization structure. This report is having four major divisions to discuss about the digital workplace environment on the New Look retailer project. The first section of the assignment discusses about the aim and objective, WBS and Gantt chart for the digitization of workplace. The second section of this project report explains about the basic requirements, literature review, and data analysis of the proposed project. The third division explains about the recommendation about the project and the final section is about reflection from the project regarding the outcome.

You are employed as an assistant within the professional development team of an organization. You have been asked to conduct a small-scale project in form of an investigative project. To look for what issues and challenges may arise out of the said topic (in below) in your mentioned organization and what measures could be taken to resolve them. A business case for management on how to improve employee retention through recommended initiatives. The business of the said organization can be for all types of business nature, e.g. retailing and wholesaling etc. Beside the investigation of a good practice within the business, a collating employees' feedback is involved. Therefore, either interviews or questionnaire will be launched and designed respectively.

This report is proposed to be presented to your managerial board as a business case with simple power-points. Moreover, a reflection upon the project in relation to your own personal and professional development is also facilitated with the project. Here below issues are for your further consideration:

In the wake of pandemic in various countries, most of the UK organization also has faced severe economic losses. Likewise the New Look organization product sales are completely affected because of the effect of lockdown. So that it is essential for the organization to empower the sales through develop an application for online selling of their products. Changing the business running through online and data management in digital form is helpful for the organization to expand their market. The transformation for the business through online store and effective digital data management will help their employees with predominant operation. This digital transformation will results in speed up the process, efficiencies, quality and productivity of the New Look organization. And also tracking the availability of the product and conducting market analysis are difficult without the digital technologies. So it is important to adopt the digital transformation of the workplace (Sullivan, 2021).

Organization Profile
New Look organization is one of the leading fashion retailor at United Kingdom which sells products of clothing, accessories and footwear. The organization has decided to expand the business through sustainability strategies for maintaining their sales, goods, exporting their products etc. Implementing the digital strategies is prioritized by the management of the New Look organization for ensuring their sustainability practices. I am employing as the assistant for the professional development team. Here the report is for the investigation is about the employee feedback and measures required for the digitization of workplace and their effect because of the workplace transformation. The teamwork and culture, knowledge transfer, workforce performance are improved because of the implementation of the digital transformation. This also increases the business process improvement and as well as workforce performance. The implementation of the adoption of the digital technologies is to maintain the retail sales and export information of the New Look organization. This kind of business adoption of technologies is designed to improve the organization process and deliver better value to the customers.

Project Aim & Objective
The aim of the digital transformation in New Look Organization is to adopt technologies and improve the business process, data management and offer their customers personalized experiences. Implementing the digital transformation will speed up the operational strategies and information governance.

The main objective of the project is
- Identifies the need of digital transformation of organization business
- To address the advantages and disadvantage of digital transformation within New Look Enterprise
- To discuss about the effective ways of technical transformation of workplace
- Know about the stakeholder impact on digital transformation

- Devise a project management plan to map out how you intend to meet the project objectives;

Content of Business Report

Project Management
The project management plan is an comprehensive plan which categorizes all the components of the business process. This project plan will plot the entire requirement such as budget, resources, and deliverable and so on. It helps to leads the management of the organization to specify their control over project management plan. Through mapping the entire component in the business, it is understood that we can able to prioritize the considerable factors which are required for the project (Haziazi, et al., 2019). The project aspects which involves in prioritizing the components of the digital business transformation within the New Look Enterprise


The cost of the entire project is associated with the implementation of digital strategies in the New Look organization. The cost is essential for the organization professional management team to focus on the allocation of resource phases for transformation of digital workplace environment. The cost of the digital transformation includes maintenance cost, follow up cost and their implementation process costs. For this implementation of the digital strategies it requires $ 2.5 million dollars. Within the fixed cost, the needs of digital strategies are implemented accordingly.



The scope of the project is to establish the digital transformation of the New Look organization in order to expand the sale and maintain all the data of business in a secure platform. The adoption of the digital transformation allows the business to maintain their data and perform market research to know about their client requirements. These kind of adoption will improve the transformation of business and improve the process and services of New Look enterprise.


The time is the essential thing for managing and implementing the project. For adopting the digital transformation of the New Look organization and to expand their sales and data management requires 8 weeks of time. For maximizing the research, the transformation of the workplace with technical implementation is utilizing these days for implementing the project (Doukakis, et al., 2019).


The outcome is focusing on gaining effective results based on the implementation of influencing digital transformation strategies in the replace. For accomplishing the digital transformation, it is required to follow all the relevant resources in the workplace. The organization have to collect data from various sources to know about the digital implementation strategies on managing their professional development to accomplish the research objective.


Communicate with all the stakeholders is essential for the project succession. As here the digital transformation of the retailer shop in focus on expanding the sales is based on the qualitative and quantitative research for collecting the information from employees through email, sms and phone calls. This is the best thing to know about the employee suggestion and view towards the adoption of digital transformation.


The risk is caused because of the insufficient budget and schedule faced during the adoption of digital strategies in business. Also at the stage of data collection for the employees the organization have faced little communication errors on gaining data from the participants. If all the risks are managed effectively we can able to manage overall information and adoption of digital transformation in business (Haddud & McAllen, 2019).


The project requires various kinds of resources to meet successful outcome. Based on the consideration, this project requires to have financial and human resources to manage the whole project with fixed time. 

- Precisely define the initiation phase and steps during the process, including providing details of activities to be carried out initiation, planning and execution of the project;

Phases during the Project
The initial step in the successful business transformation process is recognizing the issue or cause for the business transforming.

The second step is to review all the key areas to focus on such as operation, customers, competition, resources required, strength and weakness or the project.

The final step is to prioritize the digital leadership in organization. It is completely based on the leadership and out from the business activities.

- Create a work break down structure using a Gantt charts to track the activities to be undertaken;


The work breakdown structure is the planning tool which divides the activities into different sub activities. With the help of the WBS we can able to schedule the project in an proper and effective ways and to monitor the project that it is done or not. Thus the developed WBS for the innovation of digital transformation at the New Look organization is attached here.

Gantt chart
The Gantt chart is a powerful tool for scheduling the project and keep track and monitor all the project timeframes. The specific time duration of each activities is divided through the Gantt chart. The researcher has to track and to ensure about the activities timeframes have been completed at the fixed time.

The above image shows all the activities and their required timeline to complete the while project. It started at 11th Nov 2021 and their completion time is 2nd June, 2022 about the investigation of the project is scheduled and visualized in this section.

Illustration of phases and steps



Project Plan

at the planning stage, it is required to focus on the project planning about implementing digital strategies in new look organization

Selection of Business Case

Selection of organization is one of the crucial part. We have selected the new look organization for the project of transformation of workplace

Conduct Market Research

After selecting the case for business, it is essential to conduct the market research and focus on the marketing measures.

Budget & Scheduling

After finalizing the business case, discuss about the project and schedule to complete the project.


This is the most crucial part it involves in data analysis and more other parts for the business cases

Choose Research Model

The choosing of research model is one of the important step, for our research we have chosen the qualitative research method and quantitative research method

Collect Information

Collect the information from questions and web sources and collect it to gather more business information

Perform Data Analysis

Perform analysis of data from the obtained results which will be the most efficient part related to project goals


this is the closing stage of the project focuses on all aspects of the project management about new look organization digital strategies

Obtain Results

After the analysis, all data results are gained and discussed about the digital transformation of business

Discuss Outcome

Outcome is discussed with the team and measure the result of majority


Perform documentation about the results obtained at each stage of project which helps full for the future evaluation

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Methodology of the Research

Functions of Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
The research methodology is the essential part of the project in addressing the investigation of the digital transformation tools and techniques on the New Look organization. The present study focuses on the digital transformation tool which is best for the organization to improve their sales and maintain their data.

Research Philosophy: This is one of the effective considerations for gaining in-depth consideration of the research in a creative and innovative manner. Several types of research are available such as interpretivism, realism and pragmatism. The current research is focusing on the interpretivism because this is related to the qualitative measure of the research in collecting their relevant information as an essential thing (Kim, 2019).

Research Design: This is one of the important component and effective consideration for demonstrating the detailed research. There are several research design is considered such as exploratory, causal and descriptive measures. The current research on the New Look organization digital transformation is based on the exploratory research design. This kind of the facts and findings helps to improve the business performance and to maintain their organization global market data with successive supply chain.

Research Strategy: This is important for collecting the relevant information to promote effective functioning of the workplace and to know about their research activities. There are two basic research strategies are available which are qualitative and quantitative methods. For the current study, the researcher has chosen the qualitative data analysis for collecting the overall data for determining the depth analysis.

Research Approach: It involves in successful; plant to identify the relevant fact of the research. Generally there are two kinds of research problems available which are inductive and deductive. The researcher selects the deductive approach as the effective consideration for knowing about the digital transformation of the workplace. These are essential for analysing and interpret the effective results through collecting relevant information.

Data Collection: Collection of information from employees is required to know about the impact of the transformation of workplace. For this current research, the data collection is performed with secondary data collection method. The collection of information is using different method of the business transformation such as books, journals governmental tools and survey etc.

Data Analysis: Analysing the collected information from the organization is effective aspect for determining the study through thematic analysis or SPSS methods etc. the present study is concentrating on data analysis through qualitative and quantitative methods. In depth analysis is collected from current data and information from the samples

Research Limitation: This research study is focuses on the transformation of workplace into innovative measures for improving their sales and to expand their business to global market. For this current study, it is most important to collect the valid information from qualitative and quantitative data collection. The different sources are used for the relevant conclusion for accomplishing desired results and to concentrate on the issues based on the research aim and to accomplish he positive outcome.

Research Validity: The schematic workplace environment is required to have reliable and validate the information to apply in the systematic work. This kind of information is based on the accomplishment of the data. The reliable data collection is focuses on the validation of information with perfect considerations.

Both methods are required. For quantitative method study, define your research area for your data collection, such as selecting a sample of the respondents. You can decide what kinds of sampling approaches and techniques (e.g. questionnaires or interview samplings etc.) to be used in your research analysis;If you are going to choose qualitative method by means of case study, define at least two other organizations to see what type of wellbeing initiatives they have. Research the value and benefits of addressing wellbeing in terms of improving employee retention. Focus on areas of good practice to build and support your business cases. (LO2)

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Quantitative analysis
For performing the data analysis, the New Look organization professional development team has involved in collecting data from various branches employees to know about their employee. The investigation is done through collecting the data from survey on calls, email and SMS among various participants. Few of the themes and their interpretation is discussed in this section for expanding their sales.

Theme 1: Importance of New Look organization towards digital strategy

This is about knowing about the new look organization importance in moving towards the digital strategy. The options were to improve the customer experience and engagement, improve innovation, improve business decision making and improve efficiencies.

The interpretation of the result for the theme is, 39% of the researcher have provided that the digital transformation is to improve the customer experience and engagement. 42% of people improve the business decision making and 19% agrees that the reason for the organization digital strategy is to improve the efficiency of the business.

Theme 2: Implementing the Digital Technology able to transform the Sales Operation
This is about their view towards the implementation of the digital workplace and their effectiveness on the performance of the employees. Because this theme is regarding the sales efficiency of the organization and its impact on transform their workplace with the help of technology on organization performances (Fabbri, et al., 2019).
The obtained result from the participants shows that most of the employees are agreed to the fact that digital transformation will help in improving the sales. At most 66% of people are strongly agreed. 21% of people are agreed and 9% of people are disagreed and 4% of people are disagreed to the fact and believe that the digital transformation and organization sales are not interrelated to each other.

Theme 3: Digital Technology required for retail sales operation
The theme is about the digital technology which is required to adopt in New Look organization to improve their sales operation and to perform market research in gaining customer needs. The options were augmented shopping, IoT application for sales and order management and fulfillment platforms.
The result obtained from the digital technology investigation is obtained 30% for the augmented shopping, 38% people are agreed to the IoT application and 27% agreed to have the sales and order management system and 5% for others to know about the sales details and store in in cloud. The IoT application for managing the sales is required for the New Look organization and this will improve the virtual customer engagement and helps to become the Omni channel retail.

Theme 4: HR department have to provide sufficient skills for executing the organization Digitization
This theme is about the human resource department to know about the training facilities to manage the working under digital transformation of the workplace environment. This is about the New look organization will provide resources and opportunities for obtaining right skills to take advantages of digital trends (Bertolotti, et al., 2021).
From the interpretation 26% of participants are strongly agreed to the fact and 45% of participants are agreed. 22% are disagreed and 7% are strongly disagreed to the fact. It is identified that choosing the right skills required for the organization personnel is from the human resource department on managing their overall sales operation and manage their data. Also the market research is also included for the organization digital strategies.

Qualitative analysis
The data and related information about the organization are collected from the organization website. The normal sales strategies, more important assets of organization, inventor management and control functions are well explained.

Case selected: Mark and Spencer
Mark and Spencer is an organization which is an fashion retailer in United Kingdom. This organization is not having digital transformation and uses the sale through traditional methods. The remote working option is not available at the COVID situation. Some of the problems faced in the organization are sales get dropped and it affects the business, it leads to budget concern and constrains, inefficient business process, lack of defined strategies and this organization is defeated by competitors.
For solving the issues, it is required to have an sales application and this will improve the sales and attract the customers. This allows trading the new markets and global reach over the world. In the New Look organization, if we implement the digital strategies will improve the business and particularly increased the attention of the customers

Findings & Analysis
From the quantitative data analysis of the data obtained, the transformation of the business is required for the New Look organization to manage their sales and market research to know about customer requirements. The clothing industries are an rapid growing industries both the men and women are fond of choosing their fashion brands. Due to pandemic the business have hit hard and faced huge economic crises, there is a result of innovation to implement the digital workplace transformation for gaining more development opportunities. The research question is about the influencing factor and investigation is about all their factors required for the new looking enterprise to expand their business with the help of technologies (Haddud & McAllen, 2018).
From the quantitative analysis, it is observed that the implementation of digital transformation strategy in business helps in improve the chance of business being noticed. While comparing with the business without any digital strategies, there is no business performance increases. From this I have analyzed the digital marketing direction, value proposition, target audiences, and improve the ROI etc. it is observed that the stronger resource management, data driven customer insights, encourage the digital culture and increase agility.

It is to be discussed from the qualitative and quantitative data analysis it is clear that the transformation of the workplace is an effective tool for the New Look enterprise which is providing more advantages such as innovative improvement of workplace, digital solution for workplace, allows performing market research and improving satisfaction of the employees. From the qualitative data analysis, the online sales through platform or application and to maintain business information in the market will help with adequate sales techniques. Also from the quantitative data analysis it is noted that for this digital transformations have to provide training for all the staff members to develop their skills regarding digital business improvisation.

Ethical Consideration
The ethical consideration is one of the effective ways for collecting the data through qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Through the quantitative collection model, main focus on the data and information collected on questions and internet. All the details collected from employees are deleted after the statistical analysis has done. Collection of the right information and right finding is required to undertake the research. The qualitative data analyses are guiding over research design and practices using informed consent and confidentiality potential. This research is more helpful for presenting the rules and regulation to manage different practices (Yakhutlova & H., 2020).

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Communication Methods

Managerial Level
Some of the suitable appropriate communication on the workplace is through interpersonal communication, group communication, and organizational communication. Some of the effective communication is through open meeting, emails, one to one communication, communication via training, using simple words and presentation etc.

Related Colleagues
With the related colleagues in the communication skills such as written and oral communication, presentation, active listening etc. the colleagues have to invest time and build trust among employees. Communicate with colleagues in break time, lunch hours and so on for discussing about the remote working opportunities.

It is recommended for the New look retail market have to improve their business transformation through implementing more digital strategies for their enhancements. An effective strategy of the business helps to manage the organization function and operations. Also it is required to have good communication and to perform market research for the analysis of the customer needs having an digital transformation in the retailer shop is to identifies the shopping partners, understanding the customer behavior and to provide promotion and special offers. It will help the new look enterprise to cope with the emerging customer demand of the organization and allow competing with their competitors. This also provides information storage, social connectivity, learning opportunities, versatile working environment for their employees as well as customers through the enhancement of business.
It is concluded that the transformation of the workplace in the New Look organization and the strategies are discussed in the report. The talent management strategy is one of the most important perceptions for attaining innovation growth of the enterprise. This kind of innovation at the workplace helps in utilizing different techniques on the workplace and improves the profitability. In this studies we have discussed about the research is based on the secondary data analysis and more right and valid outcome is obtained for the professional development team as the research of having digital transformation at the New Look retailer enterprises.


Value of research
From the research on transformation of workplace, I have known various possibilities of digital transformation and influencing factors of the business. The research methodology chosen for this current research is effectively managed and their data collection is helpful to reach successful outcome of the research.

Feeling: I felt that this is a smooth research and happy to work on this project. Several new digital strategies and their impact in organization performance are studies. The new concepts have made me feel great to manage their transformation of workplace into digital implementation.

Evaluation: The evaluation on workplace transformation and their research question in an effective manner. Throughout the research I have learnt about the project planning and scheduling. It improves the research skill and communication skill of mine. This research is conducted based on the own understanding.

Personal development: Now I am capable for conducting the systematic data analysis as an individual. I gain more knowledge about digital transformation of business and have influences in understanding of research methods.

Conclusion: The learning from the research helps me to take the investigation on an significant manner. The communication and presentation skill of mine has to improve.

Action Plan: I will focus on the lacking areas and to improve the skills.







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria:

Learning Outcome




LO1: Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme.

P1: Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario.


P2: Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources.


P3: Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion.

M1: Produce a comprehensive project management plan, milestone schedule and project schedule for monitoring and completing the aims and objectives of the project.

D1: Critically evaluate the project management process and appropriate research methodologies applied.

LO2: Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project.


P4: Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives.

M2: Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of different research methods applied.

LO3: Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis.


P5: Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques.


P6: Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions.

M3: Evaluate the selection of appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and authenticity to support and justify recommendations.

D2: Critically evaluate and reflect on the project outcomes, the decision-making process and changes or developments of the initial project management plan to support justification of recommendations and learning during the project.

LO4: Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organizational performance.

P7: Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance.

M4: Evaluate the value of the project management process and use of quality research to meet stated objectives and support own learning and performance.

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