Unit 7 Business Strategy GlaxoSmithKline - level 5 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 7 Business Law - Business Strategy GlaxoSmithKline

Level: level 5 in business

Task 1: Company overview and strategy formulation
A.Company Profile
B. Factors to be considered for formulating the strategic plans
C. Effectiveness of strategic planning techniques for developing a strategic business plan

Task 2: Organizational audit
A. Audit Tools
B. Significance of Stakeholder analysis for formulating a new strategy
C. Future Strategies for GSK.

Task 3: Appropriateness of alternative Strategies
A. Alternative Strategies
B. Diversification, globalization and sustainable energy development

Task 4: Implementation of the above strategy
A: Steps to implement the plan
B. SMART targets to achieve the above strategies

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