Tools of Internet Marketing - level 5 in business

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Unit Name: Tools of Internet Marketing

Level: level 5 in business

Task 1
1.1 Elements of Internet Marketing
1.2 Marketing Mix Evaluation of Internet
1.3 Comparison between the Tools of Internet Marketing
1.4 Examination of Interactive Order Processing

Task 2
2.1 Demonstration of the Mechanics related to Marketing of Search Engine
2.2 A suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter
2.3 Best Practices in Online Relations with the Public
2.4 How Businesses can utilize new communities of digital media

Task 3
3.1 Conducting Secondary Research on Marketing
3.2 Online Survey
3.3 Utilization of Electronic Marketing of Customer Relationships

Task 4
4.1 Outline for Internet Marketing Plan
4.2 Advertising by Pay per Click

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