Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence - level 5 in business

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Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence - level 5 in busines

Aim: The aim of the project is to show that whether the event management services delivered by Carlton Company satisfy the demands of customers in the city of Bradford in UK and whether the company succeeds in creating the required brand awareness among the customers or not.

Objective: To analyse the market structure of the economy

Clear understanding of the preference, likeness, of the customers in the city of Bradford and accordingly decisions taken by the Carlton Limited.

Task 2:

AC 2.1 Different types of Market research Techniques

AC 2.2 Sources of Secondary data to achieve marketing research objectives

AC 2.3 Validity and reliability of Market Research Findings

AC 2.4 Marketing Research Plan

Task 3:

AC 3.1 Market size trends within a given market

AC 3.2 Competitor analysis for a given organization

AC 3.3 Organizations opportunity and threat for a given product:

Task 4:

AC 4.1 Designing customer satisfaction survey report with the help of primary research

AC 4.2 Analysis of Customer Response

AC 4.3 reviewing the survey of the completed satisfaction survey

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