Unit 1 Business and Business Environment - level 5

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BTEC Higher National Diploma In Business (Marketing) - Unit 1 Business and Business Environment - level 5

Task 1:

1.1 Provide a brief background of Armani. This should include a description of its mission, vision, short and long-term objectives, type of sector it belongs (private or public sector.

Discuss how this organisation has been impacted by changes in its industry. In this part, focus on the constraints within which Armani has to operate in its sector. Provide evidence and reference the sources. Identify the purposes of different types of organisations behaviour and compare them with purpose of Armani.

1.2 Identify the key stakeholders of Armani?

Identify their interests in and how they influence and impact Armani. How the organisation is meeting the objectives towards their stakeholders.

1.3 Using the Stakeholder Analysis matrix, plot where, in your opinion, each stakeholder might stand based on your research and analysis.

Make sure your analysis is based on evidence and research and do NOT guess or make wild assumptions. Explain Armani responsibilities to its stakeholders and identify the strategies it adapts to meeting their needs and expectations.

Task 2:

2.1 What specific benefits and constraints that organisations might face operating in a different economic system (i.e. in free and command economic systems)?

Look at specific political, economic and social aspects such as government interference, population, labour force, market growth, exchange rates, trading partners, consumer tastes and preferences. Given answer can be correlated with the Armani or any other organisation. Benefits and constraints in free-market and commandeconomy system

2.2 Assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on business organisations and their activities. Using the concept of Aggregate Money Demand (AMD = C+I+G+X-M)

Or otherwise, explain with reasons, what might happen to business activity in general and to Armani specifically, if the following happened:

i. A general fall in the level of income tax?

ii. A rise in the value of the pound

iii. Fall in rate of interest

iv. Increasing unemployment

v. A large increase in the level of Government expenditure

2.3 Evaluate the impact of government-related regulations including competition policy based on Armani.

Task 3:

3.1 Explain how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions in various organisations.

3.2 Illustrate the ways in which market forces shape organisational using a range of examples from Armani or other organisations.

3.3 Judge how business and cultural environments shape the behaviour of Armani.

Task 4:

4.1 Discuss the importance of international trade, and globalisation to Tesco or other organisations. Use the varieties of examples to support your answer.

4.2 Analyse in what ways the role of WTO, emerging markets (BRIC) and protectionist tendencies of national government may impact the UK organisations in the coming 10 years.

4.3 Evaluate the impact of policies of the European Union on UK business organisations by using Armani or other organisations.

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