Design an event driven programming solution

Unit 20 Event Driven Programming Assignment Help - Unit 20 Event Driven Programming - Level 4 diploma in computing
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Unit 20 Event Driven Programming

Level 4

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AC1.1 Submit a report to the club president clearly explaining the principles, characteristics and features of event driven programming.


AC2.1 Design an event driven programming solution based on the specification given by Creative Computing Club.


AC3.1 Implement an event driven solution based on the designed you prepared for club.

AC3.2 Implement event handling using appropriate control structures to meet the design algorithms provided.

AC3.3 Identify and implement opportunities for error handling and reporting for the event driven solution to the club problem.

AC3.4 Make effective use of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) including code and screen templates when solving the problem for the club.


AC4.1 Critically review and test an event driven programming solution provided

AC4.2 Analyze actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies in implementation.

AC4.4 Create onscreen help to assist the users of the computer program you created for the club.

D1. Discuss why certain events are more suited for activating certain functions than others and provide 3 examples of specific events you will use for specific functions related to the case study.

D3. Produce aself evaluationon what went well or wrong with this assignment and how you didresolvedproblems in your programming You must also explain how you would develop the application further if you had more time and resources available.

Unit 20 Event Driven Programming Assignment Help delves into the fundamental concepts and principles of event-driven programming (EDP), a software development paradigm that emphasizes handling user interactions and system events. This assignment explores the key characteristics of EDP, including its asynchronous nature, event-driven execution model, and utilization of event listeners and handlers.

Through practical exercises and real-world scenarios, students gain hands-on experience in implementing EDP principles using various programming languages and frameworks. They learn to design and develop user interfaces (UIs) that respond to user input, handle system events effectively, and implement event-driven communication between different components of the application.

This assignment culminates in a comprehensive project that requires students to apply their EDP knowledge to develop a functional graphical user interface (GUI) application. The project emphasizes the practical application of EDP concepts, enabling students to solidify their understanding and gain valuable programming skills.

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