Elements of Marketing Process - level 4 in business

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Unit Name: Elements of Marketing Process

Level: level 4 in business

Task 1: Concept and process of marketing

LO 1.1: Elements of marketing process of Starbucks

LO 1.2: Benefits and costs of marketing orientation

Task 2: Concept of segmentation, targeting and positioning

LO 2.1: Micro and macro environmental factors influencing marketing decisions

LO 2.2: Segmentation criteria for Starbucks

LO 2.3: Targeting strategy for Starbucks

LO 2.4: Buying behaviour and marketing activities

LO 2.5: New positioning for new product or service

Task 4: Marketing mix

LO 4.1: Marketing mixes for two different segments

LO 4.2: Marketing products and services to businesses rather than consumers

LO 4.3 Difference between international marketing and domestic marketing

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