Describe importance Toyota gives to effective marketing

Unit 17 Quality Management in Business Assignment Help - Unit 17 Quality Management in Business - BTEC HND in Hospitality Management
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Unit 17 Quality Management in Busines - BTEC HND in Hospitality Management

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Task 1:

Question a) Discuss definitions of quality in terms of business and services provision

"According to ISO 8402-1986 the term Quality in business can be defined as the standardized features and characteristics of the particular products and services which can satisfy the target clients".

Question b) Explain and illustrate earlier processes of inspection and assurance

Question c) Discuss a range of quality management approaches Organizations like Toyota can adopt, clearly highlighting the similarities and differences between the different methods.

Task 2:

Question a) Discuss what is meant by customer satisfaction in the context of Toyota

Question b) Explain the meaning of continuous improvement with reference to Toyota

Question c) Illustrate the type of added values and benefits Toyota would gain from implementing effective quality management

Question d) Describe importance Toyota gives to effective marketing and the types of information made available to customers by Toyota

Task 3:

Question a) Explain how quality management can be measured by Toyota

Question b) Evaluate the benefits of user and non-user surveys in determining Toyota's customer needs

Question c) List the methods of consultation employed by Toyota in one quality scheme to encourage participation by under- represented groups

Question d) Identify the value of complaints procedures and analyse how they may be used to improve quality at Toyota

Task 4:

Question a) Report on the role of self-assessment in order to determine Toyota's current ‘state of health'

Question b) Evaluate the importance of communication and record keeping at Toyota

Question c) Explain how quality schemes at Toyota can be effectively implemented by following guidelines on the stages of staff consultation

Question d) Propose new systems or modifications to Toyota's existing systems that could improve service quality

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