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Unit 9 Analyse Main Tourism Destination Assignment Help - Unit 9 Analyse Main Tourism Destination - level 5 BTEC HND in Travel and Tourism
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Unit Name: Unit 9 Analyse Main Tourism Destination

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Task 1
Question 1: Analyse the main tourist destinations at least top five destinations e.g. UK, Europe and the rest of the world and to include the main generators in the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation. For example, by identifying the number of visitors, nights and spending by purpose and by country of visit using the recent data available (AC1.1).

Question 2: Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trend (AC1.2).

Task 3
Question 1: Compare the appeal of current leading tourist with that of currently developing tourist destinations to be presented to marketing department to assist them in marketing activity (AC3.1)

Question 2: Provide a management report where you evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal with reference to either Cuba, North Korea or Burma (AC3.2)

Task 4
Question 1: Your line manager has asked you to write a management report summary to be presented to a senior sustainability executive analysing issues that affect the popularity of tourist destinations (AC 4.1)

Question 2: Discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at worldwide tourist destinations where TUI group operates with reference to Europe, Turkey, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Thailand. (AC4.2).

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