Explain the forms of discrimination that can take place

Unit 18 HRM Models - McDonald’s Assignment Help - Unit 18 HRM Models - McDonald’s - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 18 HRM Models - McDonald’s - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)

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Task 1

Question 1 Explain Guest's model of HRM as applied to the organization of your choice.

Question 2 Choosing two organizations of your choice, compare the differences between Storey's definitions of HRM, personnel and IR practices.

Question 3 Assess the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM for any organization of your choice.

Task 2: Topical Issue

Question 1 Explain how a model of flexibility might be applied in your organization.

Question 2 Discuss the types of flexibility which may be developed by your organization.

Question 3 Assess the use of flexible working practices from both the employee and the employer perspective.

Question 4 Discuss the impact that changes in the labour market have had on flexible working practices.

Task 3

Question 1 Explain the forms of discrimination that can take place in the workplace using examples of recent discrimination cases which has made the news.

Question 2 Discuss the practical implications of equal opportunities legislation for an organisation.

Question 3 Compare the approaches to managing equal opportunities and managing diversity. You should give examples from a selected organisation and discuss the similarities and differences in their approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity.

Task 4

Question 1 Select an organisation you work or have worked for, identify and compare the performance management

Question 2 Assess the approaches used to managing employee welfare in your organisation

Question 3 Discuss the implications of health and safety legislation on human resources practices

Question 4 Evaluate the impact of another topical issue on human resources practices.

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