Unit 3 Communication Skills and ICT in HSC - level 5

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Diploma in Health and Social care - Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Workplace - level 5

Communication Skills and ICT in HSC

Task 1:

1.1 Inappropriate interpersonal communication among individuals

1.2 Strategies to support users in health and socal care services with particular communication needs

Lo 2 factors influencing communication process

2.1 communication process influenced by values and culture

2.2 legislation, charters and codes of practice affecting communications

2.3 organizational systems and policies in promotion of good practice

2.4 methods of improving communications

Lo 3 information and communication technology

3.1 standard software ict packages to support work in health and social care

3.2 benefits of ict software's for care users, workers and organizations

3.3 legal considerations on use of ict impact on health and social care

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