Unit 16 MCKI - Samsung UK

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Unit 16 MCKI - Samsung UK

Task 1

Discuss different decisions to be taken by Samsung senior management team for this audacious plan to manifest [AC 1.1]

Examine information and knowledge required to ensure that effective decision taking is possible across board in Samsung UK [AC 1.2]

Assess internal and external sources of information and understanding available in Samsung UK for decision making [AC 1.3]

Justify your recommendations for improvement to the Samsung UK management team [AC 1.4]

Task 2

Identify at least a minimum of four and maximum of six stakeholders that you will invite for this important occasion [AC 2.1]

Make contacts with your proposed invitees using appropriate and cost effective channels [AC 2.2]

Involve those invitees that have been contacted for this occasion to ensure that their interests are well represented throughout the occasion. [AC 2.3]

Design all-inclusive strategy that will make the event more interesting and memorable for all [AC 2.4]

Task 3

Report on the existing communication structure and system in Samsung UK [AC 3.1]

Design appropriate methods to improve the overall communication systems in line with modern realities in the sector [AC 3.2]

Implement plans that will guarantee better communication mediums between the local community and Samsung UK [AC 3.3]

Create a personal plan to improve your own communication skills, as the newly appointed community liaison trainee manager [AC 3.4]

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