Unit 41 Programming in Java

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Unit 41 Programming in Java

LO1: Understand the principles of programming in Java

1.1 Discuss the principles, characteristics and features of programming in java

1.2 critically evaluate the environmental flexibility of programming in Java

LO2: Be able to design Java Solutions

2.1 Design a java programming solution for to a given problem.

2.2 Explain the components and data file structure required to implement a given design.

LO3: Be able to implement Java Solutions

3.1 Implement a java programming solution based on a prepared design.

3.2 Define relationships between objects to implement design requirements

3.3 Implement object behaviors using control structures to meet the design algorithms

3.4 Identify and implement opportunities for error handling and reporting

3.5 Make effective use of an Integrated web Development Environment (IDE) including code and screen templates.

LO4. Be able to test and document java solutions

4.1 Critically review and test a java programming solution

4.2 Analyse actual test results against expected test results to identify discrepancies.

4.3 Evaluate independent feedback on a developed Java Program solution and make recommendations for improvements.

4.4 Create user documentation for developed java program solution.

4.5 Create technical documentation for support and maintenance of a java program solution.

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