Unit 18 Procedural programming

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Unit 18 Procedural programming

TASK 1: Understand the principles of Procedural Programming

1.1 (a) Write maximum 400 words explaining briefly what procedural programming is and define clearly what do we mean by methods, variables and loops with an example for each?

(b) Explain briefly the benefits of procedural programming in terms of code readability, usability, maintenance and error tracking.

TASK 2: Design Procedural Programming Solutions

2.1 Explain briefly the benefits of pseudo code and flowcharts, then develop an Algorithm using pseudo code (‘Divide’ the Algorithm into simple action steps) to show how you design the key functions/methods created in your program.

2.2 Develop a basic architecture of your system showing the different components.

TASK 3: Implement Procedural Programming Solutions

3.1 You are required to implement the developed Algorithm for a given scenario and drawn Flowchart (in task 2) into a C# Program Code using MS Visual Studio Express 2010/2012.

3.2 You are supposed to learn the programming in this unit like array, methods, output to text files as built-in I/O Standard Input Output Library and the Functions used to the program User to Input the selected Menu.

TASK 4: Test Procedural Programming Solutions

4.1 Critically review and test your solution

4.2 ANALYZE actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies

4.3 Evaluate independent feedback on your solution and make recommendations for improvements.

4.4 Create user documentation for the solution

4.5 Create technical documentation for the support and maintenance of your system

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