Unit 40 International Marketing - Level 5

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Unit 40 International Marketing - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

Task One - Write a memo

LO1: Understand the concept of international marketing for potential foreign markets.

AC 1.1 In your memo to the International Marketing Directorprovides an explanation of why Hilfiger should develop international marketing.

AC 1.2 Include an analysis of at least one emerging market in which Hilfiger wishes to operate in terms of PEST (Political - Economic - Social - Technology).

AC 1.3 Evaluate international marketing research techniques for Hilfiger new product launch of the new range of Men's shirt.

AC 1.4 Evaluate how Dubai as a foreign target market will be attractive for Hilfiger's new product

Task Two -Business Report

LO2: Understand how to make export channel and distribution decisions.

2.1 Explain how channels evolve in distributing a new design T-Shirt to Dubai

2.2 & 2.3 Describe reliable export channels. Include an evaluation of the export distribution channels for T-Shirt

2.4 Analyse how foreign manufacturing and investment decisions are made; in your analysis make specific reference to Hilfiger manufacturing and investing in Dubai.

Task Three - Marketing Plan for the Dubai Market

LO3: Be able to present a marketing plan for a foreign market.

LO4: Understand control methods for international marketing.

3.1 Produce a set of international marketing objectives for the T-Shirt

3.2 Create and outline how you plan to enter into the Dubai market.

3.3 Identify and include the international marketing mix in planning for the Dubai market.

3.4 Review relevant ethical and environmental issues ininternational marketing within Dubai

4.1 Explain why international marketing planning should be monitored.

4.2 Analyse ways of controlling export channels

4.3 Describe barriers to international marketing

4.4 Evaluate methods of communication with key international marketing personnel.

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