Procedural Programming Assignment


Assume you are employed as a senior procedural programmer in a software development company. A client is seeking for details features of procedural programming for developing their new system. Based on your experiences and solid knowledge in procedural programming, the company has decided you to prepare a detail report explaining the features of procedural programming. Your report must address the following points effectively.

1.1 There are various types of programming languages and each of them have own features and characteristics. Discuss the principles, characteristics and features of procedural programming language with an example

Scenario for LO2, LO3 and LO4

"White Chapel School" want to design and implement a simple computer program "Generating Mark- Sheet System" for Year 7 students that allows them to enter the mark of subjects and system need to prepare a mark sheet of particular student and store the data into a file. The requirements and functionalities of system are given below:

The list of subjects, grading rule are given below:

1. Subject list

Subject Name

Full Mark

Pass Mark



















German Language



To calculate the grade, students' needs to pass in each subject. The grade will be calculated based on the overall percentage.

Grading Criteria

Grade Type :






Overall Percentage :







2.1 Programing language has different features and tools that can be applied for the application design and development. Investigate the procedural programing data type, logical operator, variable file structure etc. and identify the required elements to design and implement for the given problem?

2.2 Programing tools are suitable to apply for the design a program, which shows the input, process and output of the particular program. Select and apply the programming tools to design a program for a given problem? Justifying your design methods and techniques.

Task 3

3.1 Identify and apply suitable control structures, procedure or methods to implement your program and justify your chosen language (procedural programming, C#).

3.2 Implement your program by creating functions, which need to show the clear concept of parameter passing mechanism.

3.3 Practically apply your design to develop/implement a program. Apply various methods, e.g. functions, procedures, looping, data type, decision, switch, file structure etc. Use critical reflection to evaluate your own work?

Task 4

4.1 Software testing is a very important task and various testing methods are available. Investigate testing methods and critically review what and how you test your developed program.

4.2 Prepare a test plan (must include your task 4.1 - what you test) with expected result; analyse, compare your actual test result against expected result, and discuss and communicate appropriate the findings.

4.3 Based on your findings of task 4.2, evaluate independent feedback on your developed program and recommend suitable improvements that enhance the program (e.g. some additional functionality). Demonstrate your innovative and creating through to evaluate this system and make a suggest the suitable additional functionalities.

4.4 Provide the guidelines how to use developed program is very important and there are various methods can be applied to assist the user. Therefore, create on screen help to assist the user how to use your developed program.

4.5 Technical documentation is very important for further improvement or to maintenance the program in future. Design and create a technical document for the support and maintenance of a developed program.







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